Julie Oppermann at Joshua Liner Gallery (NY)

Opening this Thursday, February 27th (from 6-8pm) is “Palinopsia,” an inaugural New York solo exhibition by MMG artist, Julie Oppermann. Presented by Joshua Liner Gallery, the exhibition will feature several large-scale paintings and works on paper by the Berlin-based artist.

Says the gallery:

“The title of the exhibition refers to a visual phenomenon, which occurs when the image of an object seems to linger in the eyes even after the original object is absent—much like when looking directly into a light source and then looking away. However, Palinopsia is a much stronger visual occurrence – as the afterimage is more intense and lasts much longer. The artist’s background in neuroscience and study of color theory both support and stimulate the nature of the work she creates.”

The exhibition will remain on view through March 29, 2014. For additional information, please direct inquiries to Joshua Liner Gallery.


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