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Jeremy Fish Loves Haight

Jeremy Fish has decided to give back to his San Fran community, and in a form that only Mr. Fish can. After completing his sizable sculpture in Santa Monica, which received coverage from Fecal Face in December, Jeremy trucked our sinister bunny friend up North to live on the corner of Haight and Laguna. If you’re in the area, it would be worth paying tribute…

Summer’s Not Over; Group Shows Alive and Kicking

Despite what the department store windows are telling us, summer is not over. Thus, the season of dynamic group shows is yet to be concluded, affording you one more month to see top-notch surveys of emerging artists and the like.

One such noteworthy exhibition in particular is at Joshua Liner Gallery, on view from August 14 – September 2, 2010. Featuring MMG’s Kenichi Yokono and Jeremy Fish, the concise and aptly titled “Summer Group Exhibition” will act as a potential preview of the gallery’s 2010/2011 program. Also featuring works by Kris Kuksi, SWOON and twenty others, the show will surely end JLG’s summer on a high note.

For more information on the exhibition or featured artists, visit the gallery’s website.

Jeremy Fish in the City of Roses

If you happen to be in Portland this fine summer evening, we’re making a suggestion for your social calendar.

Jeremy Fish‘s “The Road Less Traveled: Mobile Art Tour 2010” is stopping off at Upper Playground, and tonight is the opening reception! From 7-10pm, you can hang out with Jeremy, his art and DJ 60/40. Not too shabby for a Saturday night, we feel…

Laguna Art Museum Acquires Jeremy Fish

The Laguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach, CA) has recently announced their acquisition of Jeremy Fish‘s “Everything is Going to be Ok?” (2009) for their permanent collection.

Following the artist’s first solo museum exhibition, “Weathering the Storm,” the museum selected one of the largest paintings that served as the installation focal point of the show. MMG congratulates both the museum and Jeremy on this addition to LAM’s collection.

Jeremy Fish Stops Off in Austin

If you happen to be in the Lone Star State tomorrow night – specifically, Austin – don’t miss Jeremy Fish‘s first stop on his mobile art tour, “The Road Less Traveled,” at Okay Mountain Gallery!

The opening stop of six scheduled appearances, Jeremy’s show at Okay Mountain is merely the beginning to a Kerouac-esque existence for the artist, and his partner in crime, James “Jimi” Changa. While Jeremy has been keeping us abreast of his adventures, you may also follow his chronicles on the Upper Playground website, where the two adventurers are submitting meticulous notes on their experiences.

For more information on the opening event, email info@okaymountain.com.

Jeremy Fish and Quentin Tarantino in LA

If you’re in downtown LA tomorrow night, and want to combine art, charity and good times, head over to Upper Playground for “The Lost Art of Inglorious Basterds” – featuring MMG’s Jeremy Fish, David Choe, Sam Flores, Estevan Oriol, Grotesk, Patrick Martinez, Alex Pardee, Dora Drimalas, Munk One, N8 Van Dyke, Rene Alamanza, Morning Breath and Skinner Davis, to create their own poster art based off their interpretation of the Oscar Nominated film, “Inglourious Basterds.”

All proceeds from the show will go to benefit the American Red Cross’ Haitian relief efforts. For more information, please visit Upper Playground’s event page.

Jeremy Fish Pontificates on Art, T-Shirts

Jeremy Fish is a busy man. Between the mobile art tour, recently launched jewelry line and his first solo exhibition at Laguna Art Museum, it’s likely that people may want to know his thoughts on the art world at large.

Luckily, Upper Playground caught Fish long enough to snag a few words for YouTube. Check out Jeremy’s opinions on art and t-shirts, and the limited difference between the two. Click here to watch!

Jeremy Fish Embarks on The Road Less Traveled

Missed Jeremy Fish‘s solo exhibition at Laguna Art Museum? Can’t get out to Santa Monica to check out MMG’s newly arrived Fish works? Lucky for you – there’s a chance Mr. Fish will bring his art to your town!

Pulling a bit of a Kerouac-meets-Merry-Pranksters move, Fish will be touring his art on “The Road Less Traveled: Mobile Art Tour 2010,” visiting cities from Austin to Hamburg from March through July. For ongoing updates, you can visit the Juxtapoz Magazine blog, to which Fish regularly contributes.

Conversation with Jeremy Fish at Laguna Art Museum

If you haven’t seen it already, make your way down to Laguna Beach to catch Jeremy Fish‘s first museum solo show, “Weathering the Storm,” at Laguna Art Museum. On January 17th, the artist will be hosting a public talk at 1pm. For more information, visit LAM’s website, or review the details below!