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Check out the Mark Moore Fine Art YouTube Video Channel

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce our new video channel on Youtube and the addition of several new short video interviews that have just been added to this site for your reference.

We would invite you to check out the MARK MOORE FINE ART VIDEO CHANNEL and encourage you to subscribe to future videos at the following link:

In total we have nearly fifty new or recent videos featuring nearly 100 artists posted there for you to view – and that list grows weekly.  In these interviews, the artist each discuss their backgrounds, the development of their work, the concepts and ideas behind it, and we look at some of the artist’s most acclaimed and recent pieces.

For additional information on our artist program and available work, please go to our website at or check out their artist page on ARTSY at the following link:

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ARTSY Highlighted Show Of The Week: ZEMER PELED “BLOSSOM” At Mark Moore Fine Art

Zemer Peled, Flowered Lions 2, 2015
Porcelain / 11 × 10 × 8 in

ZEMER PELED: BLOSSOM – An Exclusive ARTSY Online Exhibition On View Now 

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to present a series of twenty new works by Israeli born artist Zemer Peled that have just been completed in her studio. I wanted to share some images of these amazing ceramic works now available on a priority basis before the opening of her new ARTSY Exclusive Online Exhibition titled, “Blossom”.


Zemer Peled’s labor-intensive process that bridges narrative and formalist elements. Peled utilizes a process of creation and destruction to make sculptures consisting of thousands of handcrafted porcelain shards resulting in works that can be read in relation to art historical tradition, outsider art, and natural phenomena.

Additional information on this incredible artist can be found on our website at:

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