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JOSEPH ROSSANO: “Pleistocene Dreams and Northwest Natives” – Closing Soon!


Image: New Work by artist Joseph Rossano

Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to announce the first online exhibition of drawings of JOSEPH ROSSANO in an exclusive ARTSY featured show on view now titled “Pleistocene Dreams and Northwest Natives“. I would urge you to take a look at this beautiful and compelling exhibition which opens TODAY!

This exhibition is also currently ARTY’s Featured SHOW OF THE WEEK!

You can preview the show now at the following link:


Joseph Rossano’s recent exhibitions convey a deep admiration for nature, science and history. While the interdisciplinary systems of the natural world are highlighted through his works, Rossano’s show serves as a sampling of different organisms and their connections to one another.

JOSEPH ROSSANO, born to clinicians and research scientists, graduated from Louisiana State University as an artist. His path joined him, via mentorship, collaboration, and exhibition, with renowned artists and institutions including Dale Chihuly, Judy Pfaff, The Pilchuck Glass School, Waterford Crystal, Museum of Glass, the South Australia Museum, and Google.


Rossano is the co-founder of Conservation FWD, and is the artist creating not only the organization’s inaugural show (Conservation from Here) but also defining the vision for future collaborations between the art and science communities.

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Final Two Weeks: JIMI GLEASON at Mark Moore Fine Art


View the exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of new work by LA artist JIMI GLEASON on view now at the following link:

Jimi Gleason’s reflected and light transmitted paintings emphasize seductive surfaces, nontraditional materials and the luminescent use of silver deposit to catalyze intimate reflection on the mechanics of perception.

“In Gleason’s deliciously unnatural abstractions, the devil is not in the details only because diabolical beauty spills so profusely from every nook and cranny.  His densely textured surfaces are a cornucopia of unimaginable delights.”

– Art Critic DAVID PAGEL (Los Angeles Times)


Jimi Gleason has spent his career exploring the reflective possibilities of a painterly surface. “By using an iridescent surface coat, I have managed to create visual spaces that respond to both the play of light and the location of the viewer,” he says. Mixing nontraditional materials such as silver deposit with acrylic paints, Gleason’s surfaces are highly reactive to light and shifts in the viewer’s position.

To achieve his luminous surfaces, Gleason utilizes industrial materials – silver nitrate to be exact – in a process he’s been investigating and applying for over a decade. Performing an act of sheer alchemy, Gleason treats acrylic-coated canvases with a chemical mixture, which he then sprays with silver nitrate solution, transforming the surfaces into sterling sheets of metal.

His silver deposit surfaces act as enigmatic mirrors that are activated by the viewer and the environment they are situated in. Light, color and form are injected into the paintings via the external world – through this movement, Gleason hopes to induce a meditative experience for his viewers.

Jimi Gleason was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art from UC Berkeley in 1985, later moving to New York. Upon his return to California, Jimi worked as a studio assistant for renowned abstract painter, Ed Moses.


Gleason is now the subject of considerable curatorial and critical applause. His work is exhibited in significant public institutions, including the Armand Hammer Museum, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Seattle Art Museum, the Tucson Museum of Art and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. The artist’s paintings are actively collected by a growing number of major public and private collections around the world. 

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On View Now: “Stargazers: Intersections of Contemporary Art & Astronomy” Featuring Penelope Umbrico


Opens on February 7, 5-8 p.m.

For additional Information, go to:

Exterior South Night View

The new Orange Coast College Planetarium will present opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience the wonder of the cosmos. The dome theater will be Orange County’s personal starship and window to the universe, bringing together science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, sparking curiosity and learning in field trips and families alike. The Planetarium will also house unique features and exhibits, including a 45-foot Foucault Pendulum, NOAA Science on a Sphere globe, and interactive exhibit hall for both self-guided, and curated exploration. Public programs are a cornerstone of the Planetarium’s mission. Regular showings will be offered evenings and weekends beginning in fall 2019 so anyone can come enjoy a rotating schedule of breathtaking full-dome experiences. There will be a dedication ceremony on Friday, March 22, 2019.

21,887,750 Suns from Sunset from Flickr (Partial) 06:27:2014

Image: Courtesy Penelope Umbrico

Arts on the OCC Campus in 2018-2019

Orange Coast College’s Visual & Performing Arts Division has a full schedule of Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts throughout the year.

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, 2701 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5563

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Artist Dirk Staschke sits down with Garth Clark, the Preeminent Scholar on Ceramic Art

Please find below a very insightful interview between MMFA Artist DIRK STASCHKE and Garth Clark, the Preeminent Scholar on Ceramic Art.

Dirk Staschke is best known for his exploration of Dutch Vanitas still life themes in the medium of ceramics. His current body of work explores the space in between sculpture and painting. His work often uses meticulous representation as foil for examining skill and craft. It is a real pleasure to introduce you to this work at this time.

Mark Moore Fine Art recently presented an exclusive ARTSY online Exhibition of the work of Dirk Staschke, which can be viewed now at:

“I make sculptures based on paintings in what is traditionally considered a craft medium. In this translation, the sculptural representation of still life painting creates abstract forms. The results are beautifully made objects that simultaneously expose the crude structures of their creation.The pieces are both a simple exploration of residual forms derived from representation and a question regarding the merits of an Art object.” – Dirk Staschke

11Staschke_Fold_ceramic_18x22x8 copy

Staschke received his BFA from the University of Montevallo followed by an MFA from Alfred University and has maintained an ongoing studio practice and extensive exhibition record for the last twenty years. During this time, he has taught at many notable universities, including Alfred University and New York University. His work has been shown internationally and resides in the permanent collections of several museums including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington (DC); Icheon Museum, World Ceramic Center (Gwango-dong) South Korea; Portland Art Museum (OR); Birmingham Museum of Art;  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;. He has received various artist’s grants including grants from The Virginia Groot Foundation and the Canada Council on the Arts. He Currently resides in Portland Oregon where he is a full time studio artist.

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SCHOOL: The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project at The Bellevue Arts Museum – Opening Tomorrow!



The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project

School, an exhibition spearheaded and conceptualized by artist Joseph Rossano, casts light on the diminished state of global salmon and steelhead populations. The installation features a life-size school of mirrored salmon, sculpted from molten glass by concerned glassmakers from around the world. Participating makers send their contributions to a central location where the glass fish are silvered by Joseph Rossano and then sent to join the exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Rossano’s project is inspired by the Skagit River, the fourth largest outflow to the Pacific Ocean in the continental United States, and its dwindling run of salmon and steelhead. Once numbering in the millions, the Skagit’s salmon stocks now number barely in the tens of thousands. Whereas the river’s steelhead population, which historically numbered in the tens of thousands, now numbers only in the hundreds. Because the steelhead return to the Skagit in the late winter when cupboards were bare, they once served as an important food supply to indigenous peoples. The stories of the region’s people and their use of its land over thousands of years offers captivating and actionable insights that Rossano hopes will bring disparate groups together for the benefit of these fish and those dependent on them.

To kick off the project, the Museum of Glass will host a makers event on October 12, 13, and 14. During that long weekend, the MOG team will work with Rossano and a range of other glass artists to create fish for the exhibition. Trout Unlimited, an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wild fish populations will co-host the event, making it a celebration of the fish with refreshments, films and talks from scientists, indigenous peoples, and sportsman.

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Few Remaining: Limited Edition Works on Paper by Feodor Voronov

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce our partnership with Davis Editions to release three new limited edition works on paper by artists FEODOR VORONOV scheduled to be released today that I currently can offer you in pre-publication as a special offer.


Feodor Voronov, 559 #1, 2018 / Archival pigment print / 12 × 12 ins

These works, published in association with Davis Editions, are wonderful examples of the artists best work. Davis Editions uses archival pigment inks and 100% cotton rag paper to create museum-quality prints that are fully archival. Each of these works is a limited edition of just twenty with two artists proofs. Once an edition is sold out, those prints are no longer available. Each print is hand-stamped and numbered on the back by Davis Editions and validated with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate includes pertinent information about the print including publication date, print number, and edition size, and is signed and dated by the publisher. 

Feodor Voronov, 559 #2, 2018 / Archival pigment print / 12 × 12 ins

For more information, images, and the details on all the works co-published by Mark Moore Fine Art and Davis Editions, please go to the following link:

For additional information on these works or these artists, please contact Mark Moore at:

All work is available subject to prior sale and prices are subject to change without notice. All taxes, tariffs, shipping and/or viewing expenses, if any, would be additional.

Feodor Voronov, 559 #3, 2018 / Archival pigment print / 12 × 12 ins

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Zemer Peled Unveils Major New Work in the Maldive Islands

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to share the images of a major work commissioned sculpture recently completed in the Maldives Islands by artist Zemer Peled.


Zemer Peled, Untitled, Porcelein 66 x 36 x 36 inches

Zemer Peled’s labor-intensive process that bridges narrative and formalist elements. Peled utilizes a process of creation and destruction to make sculptures consisting of thousands of handcrafted porcelain shards resulting in works that can be read in relation to art historical tradition, outsider art, and natural phenomena.
The sculpture’s narrative impulses lean to encounters with the otherworldly—like complex topiaries marking a not-so-distant land–yet they remain distinctly tied to earth’s patterns. This conflation of the foreign and familiar creates a frenzied dislocation in the work. Inspired by migratory habits of birds, a sweep of feathers, and cycles of change, the works spiral outwardly in rhythmic patterns, interpreting not only the dynamism of nature, but also the startling strangeness of a life lived in transition.


Detail Image: Zemer Peled, Untitled, Porcelein 66 x 36 x 36 inches

Peled’s work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world. Her sculptural language is formed by her surrounding landscapes and nature, and engages with themes of memories, identity, and place. Her sculptures and installations consist of thousands of hand-crafted porcelain shards; a technique that yields a texture both delicate and severe. In some works, large scale-like ceramic pieces appear airy, delicate, and fluffy, as if one’s breath might break it. In others, Peled’s fragments are geometric barbs that mysteriously take on an alluring form – offering a sense of softness despite a sharp actuality. She has recently been featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine, Colossal, National Public Radio, MIND Magazine, O Magazine, and Ceramics Monthly (which featured her on the cover of the May 2015 issue).
Using white and colored porcelains, Peled transforms sharp slivers of porcelain into feathers, petals, leaves, and spines that describe objects of unknowable origins: seductive but untrustworthy. The forms are complexly ordered from the inside out, often bulging or spilling over with textures both delicate and severe. In some works, large scale-like ceramic pieces appear airy, delicate, and fluffy, as if one’s breath might break it. In others, Peled’s fragments are geometric barbs that mysteriously take on an alluring form – offering a sense of softness despite a sharp actuality. The forms are never static; the visual dance of sharp ceramic parts conveys a sense of constant movement. Like a murmuration of starlings, the sculptures appear to shift shapes as you move around them, an identity becoming and unbecoming in front of you.
The act of making for Peled is a feat of endurance, improvisation, and adaptation with the aim to embody a fleeting but fundamental feeling of mystery. The construction of her sculpture parallels negotiations any outsider makes in encountering a new world as they delicately construct a self that is both adaptable and resilient.
Zemer Peled, Untitled, Porcelein 66 x 36 x 36 inches

Zemer Peled (b. 1983) was born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel. After completing her BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Jerusalem), she earned her MA at the Royal College of Art (UK). In recent years, her work has been exhibited internationally, including such venues as Sotheby’s and Saatchi Gallery (London), Eretz Israel Museum (Tel Aviv), the Henry Moore Gallery at the Royal College of Art (London), and the Orangerie du Senate (Paris), among others. The artist currently lives and works at the Archie Bray Foundation Residency (Helena, MT). Additional information on this incredible artist can be found on our website.

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