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Closing Sunday: JIMI GLEASON at Mark Moore Fine Art


View the exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of new work by LA artist JIMI GLEASON on view now at the following link:

Jimi Gleason’s reflected and light transmitted paintings emphasize seductive surfaces, nontraditional materials and the luminescent use of silver deposit to catalyze intimate reflection on the mechanics of perception.

“In Gleason’s deliciously unnatural abstractions, the devil is not in the details only because diabolical beauty spills so profusely from every nook and cranny.  His densely textured surfaces are a cornucopia of unimaginable delights.”

– Art Critic DAVID PAGEL (Los Angeles Times)


Jimi Gleason has spent his career exploring the reflective possibilities of a painterly surface. “By using an iridescent surface coat, I have managed to create visual spaces that respond to both the play of light and the location of the viewer,” he says. Mixing nontraditional materials such as silver deposit with acrylic paints, Gleason’s surfaces are highly reactive to light and shifts in the viewer’s position.

To achieve his luminous surfaces, Gleason utilizes industrial materials – silver nitrate to be exact – in a process he’s been investigating and applying for over a decade. Performing an act of sheer alchemy, Gleason treats acrylic-coated canvases with a chemical mixture, which he then sprays with silver nitrate solution, transforming the surfaces into sterling sheets of metal.

His silver deposit surfaces act as enigmatic mirrors that are activated by the viewer and the environment they are situated in. Light, color and form are injected into the paintings via the external world – through this movement, Gleason hopes to induce a meditative experience for his viewers.

Jimi Gleason was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art from UC Berkeley in 1985, later moving to New York. Upon his return to California, Jimi worked as a studio assistant for renowned abstract painter, Ed Moses.


Gleason is now the subject of considerable curatorial and critical applause. His work is exhibited in significant public institutions, including the Armand Hammer Museum, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Seattle Art Museum, the Tucson Museum of Art and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. The artist’s paintings are actively collected by a growing number of major public and private collections around the world. 

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Amy Elkins “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” + “Parting Words” opens March 30th at Vita Arts Center

35_Elkins_BITDBITN copy

AMY ELKINS acclaimed exhibitions titled Black is the Day, Black is the Night and Parting Words will be opening at Vita Arts Center on March 30th.

Black is the Day, Black is the Night & Parting Words
Vita Arts Center | Ventura, CA
March 30th- April 20th, 2019
Reception March 30th

In addition, MMFA Artist AMY ELKINS is currently featured in Aperture magazine’s “Prison Nation” issue.

Incarceration impacts all of us. “Americans, even those who have never been to a prison or had a relative in prison, need to realize that we are all implicated in a form of governance that uses prison as a solution to many social, economic, and political problems,” the Curator, Nicole Fleetwood, notes. Empathy and political awareness are essential to creating systemic change—and through Aperture magazine, and the accompanying exhibition and public programming, “Prison Nation” may provoke us to see parts of ourselves in the lives of those on the inside.

In “Black is the Day, Black is the Night”, a project that spanned seven years from 2009-2016, Amy Elkins explores how the notion of passing time can affect an individual’s psychology, sense of self, and perception of reality.

Check out her Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY for more more images and information on this award-winning Series of works at:

Awards and Praise for BITDBITN include:  Lightwork Residency, Latitude Residency, Aperture Portfolio Prize, Diane Merek Visiting Artist Series and more.  BITDBITN (book) shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards and the MACK First Book Awards and Winner of the Lucie Independent Book Prize.  Work from BITDBITN in permanent collections at The High Museum, Lightwork and Aperture Foundation.  BITDBITN (book) is in collections at SFMoMA Research Library, The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Special Collections at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The HAAS Arts Special Collections Yale University and many more.

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Rebecca Manson Dazzles With Her New Art Installation In Tribeca Park


The artist Rebecca Manson invites viewers to “Come Closer and the View Gets Wilder” with her new art installation in Tribeca Park (NYC).

The work is composed of thousands of ceramic bone-like pieces. The sculpture invites viewers, once seeing it from a distance as a big textured globe, to look closer at the many tiny parts that make up the whole.



Come Closer and the View Gets Wider, 2016
Porcelain, epoxy, glaze, aluminum, steel
93 × 93 × 110 in (236.2 × 236.2 × 279.4 cm)

“Mostly, I just want people to take in the idea of all these little things that are insignificant on their own coming together to make something really powerful and strong,” the Brooklyn-based artist, 29, said of her first public work. But it is also, she said, a metaphor for community, “and it being a globe is about caring for the planet and everyone uniting.”

The piece, conceived four years ago, took a year to come together and for six weeks alone, Manson said, she was tearing off bits of clay and would “roll, smush, smush” them into the bone-like parts, to be fired and glazed and stored in piles, then organized by shape and color.


The new, temporary art installation is “a sphere of tiny porcelain sculptures, each an intimate, bone-like shape, adhered and supported by an elaborate system of aluminum and epoxy.”  “The structure celebrates the idea that small things together amount to something impactful; a monument to collective consciousness.”

Thousands of handmade, glazed porcelain parts join together in an eight-foot orb for artist Rebecca Manson’s public installation. Come Closer and the View Gets Wider is a sphere of tiny porcelain sculptures, each an intimate, bone-like shape, adhered and supported by an elaborate system of aluminum and epoxy. Comprised of innumerable parts which on their own may appear insignificant, the structure celebrates the idea that small things together amount to something impactful; a monument to collective consciousness.

IMG_0150 2

Manson started with a four-foot-diameter model of the work, then figured out how to structurally scale it up so that it could be strong enough to be supported. She composed the pieces on a fiberglass dome that served as a mold. Removed from the mold, the two sculptural hemispheres were joined together on a specially fabricated aluminum structure.

“My work uses ceramics as a metaphor for the individual and societal body,” says Manson. “This sculpture was informed by the process of working with clay, a nature that wants to collapse. For me, ceramics is tied to personal resilience and rebuilding in the face of adversity.”


The installation, “Come Closer“ was designed in collaboration with Sigma Design Company, with support from the Windgate Project Grant and NYC Parks. It will be installed by Stebich Ridder International Fine Arts Services, and will be on view in Tribeca Park through July 2019.

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Closing Sunday: JOSEPH ROSSANO: “Pleistocene Dreams and Northwest Natives”


Image: New Work by artist Joseph Rossano

Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to announce the first online exhibition of drawings of JOSEPH ROSSANO in an exclusive ARTSY featured show on view now titled “Pleistocene Dreams and Northwest Natives“. I would urge you to take a look at this beautiful and compelling exhibition which opens TODAY!

This exhibition is also currently ARTY’s Featured SHOW OF THE WEEK!

You can preview the show now at the following link:


Joseph Rossano’s recent exhibitions convey a deep admiration for nature, science and history. While the interdisciplinary systems of the natural world are highlighted through his works, Rossano’s show serves as a sampling of different organisms and their connections to one another.

JOSEPH ROSSANO, born to clinicians and research scientists, graduated from Louisiana State University as an artist. His path joined him, via mentorship, collaboration, and exhibition, with renowned artists and institutions including Dale Chihuly, Judy Pfaff, The Pilchuck Glass School, Waterford Crystal, Museum of Glass, the South Australia Museum, and Google.


Rossano is the co-founder of Conservation FWD, and is the artist creating not only the organization’s inaugural show (Conservation from Here) but also defining the vision for future collaborations between the art and science communities.

Additional information on this artist can be found on our website at:

For images of available works, or additional pricing inquiries, please email:

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Additional Artist Videos Posted to Mark Moore Fine Art Youtube Video Channel

Check out the new MARK MOORE FINE ART VIDEO CHANNEL and subscribe at the following link HERE.


We are very pleased to announce our new video channel on Youtube and the addition of several new short video interviews that have just been added to this site for your reference. I would invite you to check out the MARK MOORE FINE ART VIDEO CHANNEL and encourage you to subscribe to future videos at the following link by clicking HERE.

The short film collection at MMFA Video Channel now features four new videos that have been just posted that include a looks inside the studios of artists: ALLISON SCHULNIK, ANDREW SCHOULTZ, VERNON FISHER, and JOHN BAUER. In total we have nearly fifty new or recent videos posted there for you to view – and that list grows weekly. Other artists featured on the MMFA Channel are: Jason Salavon, Kris Kuksi, Stephanie Washburn, Julie Oppermann, Tim Bavington, Joshua Dildine, and Julie Heffernan – just to name a few.

For additional information on all the artists featured and their work, please go to our website at or check out their artist page on ARTSY at the following link:


Rebecca Manson NYC Installation “Come Closer” Garners High Praise

IMG_0150 2

The artist Rebecca Manson invites viewers to “Come Closer and the View Gets Wider” with her installation in Tribeca Park in New York City.

Come Closer and the View Gets Wider” is a monument to collective consciousness and an invitation for viewers to look, touch, feel, and perhaps shift perspectives. The sculpture is composed of thousands of bone-like ceramic pieces, each hand-made and uniquely glazed. From a distance, the large textured globe evokes unity and delicacy. Up close, the sculpture mimics the sensation of peeking through a hole in a wall and catching a glimpse of an intimate moment.

REBECCA MANSON’s work stretches the limits of ceramics, challenging preconceived notions regarding fragility. “My work uses ceramics as a metaphor for the individual and societal body,” says Manson. “This sculpture was informed by the process of working with clay, a nature that wants to collapse. For me, ceramics is tied to personal resilience and rebuilding in the face of adversity.”

Rebecca Manson graduated with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. She received a Windgate Project Grant in 2016 and a Windgate Fellowship Award in 2011 from The Windgate Foundation and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design in Asheville, NC. She served as artist-in-residence at Zentrum Fur Keramik (Berlin, Germany) and California State University (Long Beach, CA). Manson has exhibited at galleries and institutions including Hard and Soft at ACME Gallery, Line Describing a Cone at the Katonah Museum of Art and Fun House at 520 W. 28th by Zaha Hadid Architects. Her first exhibition of public art, “Come Closer and the View Gets Wider”  is currently on display in Tribeca Park in New York City. Manson lives and works in Brooklyn.

For images of available works, or pricing inquiries, please email:

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Closing Today! “Stargazers: Intersections of Contemporary Art & Astronomy” Featuring Penelope Umbrico


Opens on February 7, 5-8 p.m.

For additional Information, go to:

Exterior South Night View

The new Orange Coast College Planetarium will present opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience the wonder of the cosmos. The dome theater will be Orange County’s personal starship and window to the universe, bringing together science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, sparking curiosity and learning in field trips and families alike. The Planetarium will also house unique features and exhibits, including a 45-foot Foucault Pendulum, NOAA Science on a Sphere globe, and interactive exhibit hall for both self-guided, and curated exploration. Public programs are a cornerstone of the Planetarium’s mission. Regular showings will be offered evenings and weekends beginning in fall 2019 so anyone can come enjoy a rotating schedule of breathtaking full-dome experiences. There will be a dedication ceremony on Friday, March 22, 2019.

21,887,750 Suns from Sunset from Flickr (Partial) 06:27:2014

Image: Courtesy Penelope Umbrico

Arts on the OCC Campus in 2018-2019

Orange Coast College’s Visual & Performing Arts Division has a full schedule of Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts throughout the year.

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, 2701 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5563

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