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A Look at the Work of Jeffry Mitchell on ARTSY Writer by art critic Jen Graves

You will find a superb essay on the work of MMFA artist Jeffry Mitchell currently featured in the ARTSY WRITER Section of the website. You can check out this wonderful look at the work of Jeffry Mitchell by art critic Jen Graves at the following link:


Jeffry Mitchell

Alphabet Pot, 2017

Mark Moore Fine Art

For the past 25 years, Jeffry Mitchell has approached his artistic exploration of the shared human experiences of love, death, sex, and spiritual trial and redemption with sincerity and intuitive intelligence. His art radiates with a charming appeal, marked by an exuberant abundance of forms, materials, and techniques. From his earliest experiments with resin and paper to his extended engagement with ceramics and his latest multi-part installations, Mitchell has consistently investigated the decorative and the theatrical and blurred distinctions between art, craft, and functionality.
Mitchell has developed a distinctive visual language full of symbolic characters like alphabet primers, flowers, elephants, bears, and other flora and fauna. What might first appear as child-like sweetness or nostalgic sentimentality quickly gives way to complex emotional content and deeper narratives that touch upon his identity as a creative artist and gay man as well as his working class Catholic background. Mitchell also responds to specific aspects of the history of art, craft, and visual culture. He fashions sophisticated twists on sources as diverse as Chinese funerary sculpture, folk art, Russian Constructivism, watercolor nature illustrations, and modernist assemblage.
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Danial Nord’s “State of the Art” Video Installation Acquired by MOAH with Funds from Mark & Hilarie Moore

The Mark & Hilarie Moore Family Trust is pleased their support in the acquisition by the Museum of Art and History of the work titled “State of the Art” by artist Danial Nord. Check out the video installation titled “State of The Art” by DANIAL NORD on Vimeo:


Danial NordState of the Art, 2011 / recycled television parts, five video projectors, audio speakers, DVD player, Plexiglas mirrors, mixed materials. Sculpture dimensions: 17′ x 9′ x 6′

Permanent Collection of the Museum of Art and HistoryAcquisition Made Possible with Funds from The Mark & Hilarie Moore Family Trust

A giant dispossessed Mickey Mouse, made from the backs of discarded television sets, pulsates with broadcast media from a bygone era. The massive icon (5 meters from ear to toe) lays in the vulnerable position of a homeless man passed out on a sidewalk after a binge. Projectors and mirrors bounce radiant video through every pore of the piece, charging the surrounding space with shifting light and sound.

Excerpt from installation created for the City of Los Angeles Fellowships Exhibition (2011), reinstalled at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (2014). The work was praised in this LA Times Review of the City of Los Angeles Fellowships Exhibition:

Danial Nord is an interdisciplinary artist who reinterprets the familiar language and trappings of mass communication. Nord’s provocative installations draw from his accomplishments as an award winning designer-animator in the entertainment industry, as an internationally based fashion designer, and as a scenic and prop artist for film, television and theater. His agile manipulation of color, light, form, moving image, and sound catches viewers in a cycle of seduction and confrontation.

Nord’s large-scale installations were recently featured in “State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now” at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and in the 2013 California-Pacific Triennial at the Orange County Museum of Art. He has exhibited in the US and abroad at World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China, Stadsmuseum Ghent, Belgium, in New York at Freight + Volume and ISE Cultural Foundation, in Philadelphia at ICA, and in the Los Angeles area at California Museum of Photography, Fringe Exhibitions, HAUS, Pacific Design Center, and the City of L.A. Municipal Art Gallery. His exhibitions have been covered by the LA Times, LA Weekly, ARTFORUM, Artweek, Afterimage, and NPR. He has been honored with numerous awards including two Artistic Innovation Grants from the Center for Cultural Innovation, and a City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship.

Nord earned his BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and Rome, Italy. He continued with postgraduate studies in communication technologies and media at School of Visual Arts and the NYU Center for Digital Multimedia in New York. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

The Mark & Hilarie Moore Family Trust have supported the acquisition of works by acclaimed emerging artists from around the world since 1984. Recently, the Museum of Art and History named one of their exhibition rooms in their honor in appreciation for their support over the years.

Since 1984, Mark Moore and his wife Hilarie have been leading champions of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists in Southern California. Until 2016, they were the founders and principals of Mark Moore Gallery – an acclaimed Los Angeles space that was family owned and operated for nearly 33 years. Recognizing the rapid changes of the gallery industry and the modern needs of his clients, Moore decided to pivot the focus of his business from the traditional gallery model to a private agency that would allow for increased project flexibility and individualized consulting. Mark Moore Fine Art is a progression from Moore’s gallery history, with a similarly ambitious roster of represented artists and activity in the secondary market. With Moore’s broad experience, MMFA provides tailored collection management, consulting, project management, public artwork commissions, exhibition design, and curatorial services with the attentiveness of a small-scale firm. For a detailed history of our past exhibitions and projects, please click here.

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“The Archaeology of False Idols – Mundane as Medium in Wolberger’s Cowboys & Indians” by Mark Mian

Check out the exceptional essay by critic and writer Mark Mian posted on ARTSY on the work of Yoram Wolberger titled The Archaeology of False Idols – Mundane as Medium in Wolberger’s Cowboys & Indians”.

Wolberger_Indian_CHIEF_1_2005 copy

“Wolberger’s body of work encompasses a variety of everyday objects; toys, models, appliances, furniture. His method is the painstaking manipulation of these iconic artifacts. Grossly enlarging, dissecting or reconstructing them, he overthrows their utilitarian context to expose associations normally concealed by their continuity with the environment. His pieces are at times ironic and personal, even tender, while at others they are highly critical.

Transformed beyond their expected appearance, construction or functioning, Wolberger’s arrestingly mutated objects stimulate renewed contemplation of their ideological origins and significance. Typically, his sculptural interventions employ three principal approaches for evicting viewers from their comfort zone of habituated perception.” – Mark Mian

Your can view this exhibition now on our ARTSY website by clicking here.

More information on Wolberger and his work can be found on our ARTSY artist page at:

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The Barrick Museum Acquires Five Works by MMFA Artist Kim Rugg

Mark Moore Fine Art is honored to announce that the Barrick Museum at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas has recently confirmed its acquisition of a set of five “Stamp Series” works by British artist Kim Rugg. We congratulate Kim on this milestone!


Image: Kim Rugg “Stamp Series” Works on View at the Barrick Museum UNLV


Detail Image: Kim Rugg “Stamp Series” Work on View at the Barrick Museum UNLV

You can view all the work we currently have available by Kim Rugg on our ARTSY webpage at the follwing link:

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Yoram Wolberger Releases Two New Works

Mark Moore Fine Art is pleased to announce the release of two new sculpture works by gallery artist YORAM WOLBERGER. The artist has just released a new edition of his trademark oversized fiberglass sculptures. Much like the (now sold-out) “Cowboy and Indian” series and the “Trophy” series of sculpture works, Wolberger’s new “Toy Soldiers” strike a chord for nostalgic Americana and pop culture.


Soldier Portrait #1, 2015
resin cast; Edition of 5 (+ 2 A/Ps)
20 x 10 x 10 in

Yoram Wolberger uses childhood toys and everyday domestic items to create his large scale sculptures, foregrounding the latent symbolism and cultural paradigms of these objects that so subtly inform Western culture. By enlarging this ephemera to life size, Wolberger emphasizes the distortions of their original manufacture disallowing any real illusion and conceptually forcing the viewer to reconsider their meanings. When enlarged beyond any possibility of dismissal, we see that toy soldiers create lines between Us and Them, plastic cowboys and Indians marginalize and stereotype the Other, even wedding cake bride and groom figurines dictate our expected gender roles.


Soldier Portrait #2, 2016
resin cast; Edition of 5 (+ 2 A/Ps)
20 x 10 x 10 in

As the HUFFINGTON POST put it: “Wolberger’s Cowboys & Indians is based on the widely familiar toy figurines with which Wolberger played during his youth, and invites viewers to consider the manufacturing of common cultural stereotypes. Faithfully reproducing the seemingly innocent figurines at life size proportions with all their original design “flaws” intact, the artist compels us to reexamine the cultural attitudes implied by such distorted portrayals.”


Soldier Portrait #2, 2016
resin cast; Edition of 5 (+ 2 A/Ps)
20 x 10 x 10 in

For additional information on all available works currently available by YORAM WOLBERGER please reference his artist page on our ARTSY website for you to view there by clicking on this link.

Please note that shipping, crating, and taxes for in-state sales will be additional, and all editioned pieces are available subject to prior sale.

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Julie Oppermann featured in Wall Street International


The MMFA online exhibition “Waking Lines” by artist Julie Oppermann is currently featured in the new issue of Wall Street International.  Check it out at the following link:

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David Maisel “History’s Shadow” Review on WSI Magazine


The MMFA online exhibition “History’s Shadow” by artist David Maisel is currently featured in the new issue of Wall Street International.  Check it out at the following link:

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