Andrew Schoultz in “Pow! Wow! Hawaii”

For the past five years, the Hawaiian city of Kakaako has hosted “Pow! Wow! Hawaii,” an annual art festival that brings together artists from around the world to create colorful murals on the buildings’ “boring beige walls.” According to the festival’s founder, Jasper Wong, the festival is about “beautifying a neighborhood, changing a neighborhood through art.”

This year, gallery artist Andrew Schoultz was invited to participate in the mural project along with 100 other artists in Honolulu for one week  – an all-encompassing project that included painting, art openings, and talks. This year, Pow! Wow! also produced the first curated show at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, titled Pow! Wow! Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement, which closed on February 15th.

We congratulate Andrew on the completion of his latest mural, and for being included in this exciting project.

Schoultz Mural

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