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Hammer Museum Acquires Christopher Russell Work

Mark Moore Gallery is thrilled to announce that the Hammer Museum recently confirmed its acquisition of Untitled (Budget Decadence), (2008 )by gallery artist Christopher Russell. The piece was acquired specifically for the Grunwald Center Collection, which is comprised of more than 45,000 prints, drawings, photographs, and artists’ books dating from the Renaissance to the present.

Congratulations, Christopher!

Untitled (Budget Decadence)

Christopher Russell, Untitled (Budget Decadence), 2008. Ultrachrome print scratched with a razor, 24 x 36 inches, Grunewald Center Collection, Hammer Museum.

Christopher Russell, Stephanie Washburn & Yoram Wolberger at Sweeney Art Gallery

The Sweeney Art Gallery’s newest exhibition, “ESSENTIAL: Selections from the Permanent Collection Celebrates UCR Sweeney Art gallery’s 50th Anniversary” will feature three gallery artists – Christopher Russell, Stephanie Washburn, and Yoram Wolberger –  that are included in the institution’s collection.

Featuring more than 25 artists and representing five decades of collecting, this expansive group show of museum acquisitions highlights a variety of media ranging from video installations, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, books, postcards, posters, and prints. The exhibition, curated by Tyler Stallings, Director, will open June 29th and will run through September 28th, 2013.


Yoram Wolberger, Petting Zoo, 2004, cast plastic, UCR Sweeney Art Gallery Permanent Collection.

“Just Yell” with Cheryl Pope in Chicago

Opening this Saturday, June 22, from 4-7pm,  is “Just Yell,” a solo exhibition by MMG artist, Cheryl Pope. Taking place at moniquemeloche gallery, “Just Yell” is the culmination of a year long collaboration between the artist and over 300 Chicago Youth responding to the current gun violence plaguing the city. In addition to her own studio work, Pope has also orchestrated a number of performances, interventions and public events (or “yells”) that aim “to make the invisible visible in a less temporal space and format than the morning news. These yells ask each of us to confront a reality that is both present and absent simultaneously.”

Says the gallery:

“On opening night Saturday, June 22nd,  Phoenix Military Academy will perform along with a selection of young poets performing their spoken word to viewers as they ride in classic muscle cars, through Wicker Park and Humboldt Park, in a piece titled ‘Drive by in 5 Acts.’  A series of public events will continue each Saturday during the run of the exhibition starting with the Teen Creative Agency (TCA) from the Museum of Contemporary Art, who will be installing their ‘Living Room’ program at the gallery on Saturday, June 29th; additional events to be announced.”

This exhibition is not to be missed. For more information, please visit moniquemeloche gallery’s website.

Just Yell

Andrew Schoultz at the Monterey Art Museum

Opening July 12th at the Monterey Museum of Art is MMG’s Andrew Schoultz’s solo exhibition entitled, In Process: Andrew Schoultz. For the exhibition Schoultz will create a site-specific installation and mural on the walls of the Jane and Justin Dart Gallery at the Museum’s La Mirada location (in progress already, as seen below), based upon the local histories of Monterey. The artist will also present his wildly gilded Fallout installation in the McCone Gallery, as previously exhibited at Mark Moore Gallery.

The exhibition opens Saturday, July 12th from 6-8pm, and runs through November 17, 2013.


Andrew Schoultz’s mural in progress for his Monterey Art Museum solo exhibition.

Julie Heffernan at Palo Alto Art Center

Opening June 22 at the Palo Alto Art Center is MMG artist Julie Heffernan‘s traveling retrospective, “Sky is Falling.” On view through September 1, 2013, the exhibition will continue to travel throughout the country, and features many benchmark works from her impressive career.

Says the curator:

“Julie Heffernan draws from a rich art historical tradition of still lifes, landscapes, and portraiture to create her lush canvases. With traditional techniques she creates very topical representations that address climate change, consumption, and globalization. This exhibition will feature a wide range of paintings produced within the past ten years and is accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Rebecca Solnit.”

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julie Heffernan now lives and works in New York. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and is included in numerous national and international collections, including the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina and the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond. A traveling retrospective of her work was organized by the University Art Museum, University of Albany in 2006.

For more information, please visit the PAAC’s visitor page.


Jason Salavon in Art + Auction’s “Most Collectible Artists”

Congratulations to gallery artist, Jason Salavonfor being included in Art + Auction‘s current issue, “50 Under 50: The Next Most Collectible Artists.” Alongside peers like Cory Arcangel, Matthew Brandt, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and Laura Owens, Salavon made the curated shortlist of emerging to mid-career contemporary artists to watch closely. Says writer Eric Bryant:

Salavon’s works illuminate how new technology infiltrates our culture and consciousness. But it’s his talent for conceptual clarity, matched by an affinity for formal beauty, that earned him such a broad-based following. When L.A.’s Mark Moore Gallery brought several ethereal images Salavon constructed by layering portraits by several Old Masters to the 2010 PULSE art fair in Miami, they sold out in just a few hours.”

To read the full copy, please visit Jason’s artist page on the gallery website, or pick up a hard copy of the magazine!


Jason Salavon at Taubman: A Seamlessness Between Things

Mark Moore Gallery artist Jason Salavon will be opening his project for the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, Virginia on June 15th.

A Seamlessness Between Things (Parametric Activity Center), 2013 custom software, handcrafted tables, 1969 LP record, vintage engravings, computers, projectors variable dimensions Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Gallery

A Seamlessness Between Things
(Parametric Activity Center), 2013
custom software, handcrafted tables, 1969 LP
record, vintage engravings, computers,
variable dimensions
Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Gallery

Salavon’s Taubman project, A Seamlessness Between Things (traveling straight from its debut in New York), consists of 10 real-time video projections of synthesized data. This interactive room-sized work takes input from masses of public, communally generated information from the Internet and TV signals to reveal unexpected images and juxtapositions. Viewers are invited to manipulate control devices – pushbuttons, knobs, and joysticks – embedded in tables in the gallery. The audience can change the projected images, although often the “cause/effect” relationships are purposefully opaque. This “feed aggregator,” as Salavon calls it, at times appears as a collage of visual and textural information that walks the line between abstract and representational art. With this installation, Salavon highlights the increasing “game-ification” of contemporary life as evidenced by such ubiquitous phenomena as online social networks and smart phones.

Ultimately, Salavon uses computers to explore the underlying biological and societal systems that inform our identities and unite us all. As he explains: “I am at once an individual human, a collection of differentiated cells…a part of a community, a social class, a race. I am all these things simultaneously and the distinctions are only a matter of point of view.

Born in 1970 in Indianapolis, Jason Salavon has an MFA from Art Institute Chicago, IL. He has had numerous solo shows nationally and internationally, including in New York; Chicago; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Cologne; Seoul; London; and Paris. Salavon’s work is featured in many important collections, such as those of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, TX; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Salavon lives and works in Chicago, IL, and is represented by galleries around the world, key being Mark Moore Gallery, CA and Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NY.

The project will open Saturday, June 15, 2013 and will be on view until Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exhibition installation detail, Ronald Feldman Gallery, 2013

Exhibition installation detail, Ronald Feldman Gallery, 2013