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Allison Schulnik in “About Face” at ACME.

Daniel Weinberg Gallery and ACME. will include a work by MMG artist, Allison Schulnik, in  About Face, a group exhibition of small works on paper and paintings by over thirty-five artists curated by Daniel Weinberg. Approximately fifty pieces will be shown throughout ACME.’s three gallery spaces.

The exhibition showcases eccentric, small-scale portraiture that distort classic presentations of the human face and/or figure. As a group show with roots in Surrealism and German Expressionism, the exhibition reflects the influences of individual artists such as Lucas Samaras’ Polaroids and Alice Neel’s portraits. The effects of the current Digital Age are also expressed in several works.

Artists include Richard Artschwager, Lutz Braun, Cris Brodahl, Kristin Calabrese, Brian Calvin, Anh Duong, Andre Ethier, Asad Faulwell, Llyn Foulkes, Steve Gianakos, Alexander Gorlizki, Scott Grodesky, Mary Addison Hackett, EJ Hauser, Kati Heck, Jonathan Herder, Becky Kolsrud, Robert Lostutter, Ashley Macomber, Josh Mannis, Eddie Martinez, David McGee, Damien Meade, John Mills, Malcolm Morley, Ryan Mrozowski, Loren Munk, Jim Nutt, Robyn O’Neil, Ed Paschke, Joshua Petker, Jerry Phillips, Stephanie Pryor, Helen Rae, Tom Sanford, Amy Sarkisian, Allison Schulnik, James Siena, Neal Tait, Michael Tetherow, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, John Wesley, Karl Wirsum, and Tad Lauritzen Wright.

About Face will be presented at ACME., 6150 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90048. 17

The exhibition will remain on view November 17th through December 22, 2012.
Opening reception: Saturday, December 1, 6 – 8 pm

LACMA Acquires Kim Rugg and Andrew Schoultz Works

Mark Moore Gallery is thrilled to announce that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently confirmed its acquisition of both Over the Edge, 2009 by British artist Kim Rugg, and  Up in the Air, 2006-2011 by American artist Andrew Schoultz. Both artists are represented by the gallery, and have been globally exhibited in contemporary art institutions.

With surgical blades and a steady hand, Kim Rugg (b. 1963, Canada) dissects and reassembles newspapers, stamps, comic books, cereal boxes and postage stamps in order to render them conventionally illegible. The front page of the LA Times becomes neatly alphabetized jargon, debunking the illusion of its producers’ authority as much as the message itself. Through her re-appropriation of medium and meaning, she effectively highlights the innately slanted nature of the distribution of information as well as its messengers. Rugg has also created hand-drawn works alongside wallpaper installations, both of which toy with authenticity and falsehood through subtle trompe l’oeil.

Sourcing inspiration from 15th Century German map making and Indian miniature paintings, Andrew Schoultz’s (b. 1975, WI) frenetic imagery depicts an ephemeral history bound to repeat itself. In his mixed-media works, notions of war, spirituality and sociopolitical imperialism are reoccurring themes, which shrewdly parallel an equally repetitive contemporary pursuit of accumulation and power. Intricate line work, painting, metal leaf and collage twist and undulate under Schoultz’s meticulous hand, ranging from intimately sized wall works to staggering murals and installations. While his illustrated world seems one of chaos and frenzy, Schoultz also implies a sense of alluring fantasy and whimsy – a crossroads vaguely familiar to the modern world.

Andrew Schoultz’s upcoming solo show, “Fall Out” will open January 12, 2013, while Kim Rugg’s “New Work” will be on view starting October 12, 2013. We sincerely congratulate both artists on this milestone, and thank LACMA for their incredible ongoing support of the gallery program.


Chad Person and Yoram Wolberger in “We Could Be Heroes”

Gallery artists Chad Person and Yoram Wolberger will soon be featured in an upcoming group exhibition at Brigham Young University Museum of Art. Other artists featured included in the exhibition will include Takashi Murakami, Ron English, Michael Scoggins, Takeshi Murata, Cory Arcangel, and Maruzio Cattelan.

We Could Be Heroes: The Mythology of Monsters and Heroes in Contemporary Art will run December 7, 2012 through April 6, 2013. Delving into our fascination with super heroes and monsters in contemporary pop culture, We Could Be Heroes will examine the relationship between today’s super heroes and the ancient quests of mythological and religious heroes against villainous monsters in recorded history and folklore. An overabundance of super hero movies has been produced around the world of late, from Hollywood to Chinese cinema to Bollywood, and is becoming a poignant part of our shared cultural subconscious. Through contemporary artworks, the exhibition will explore the complexity of the myth of the hero, the hero’s relationship to the monster, how a monster or hero is often defined by perception, and why, for many, comic-book mythologies are becoming the new morality of the 21st century.

For more information on this exhibition, and museum hours, please visit the BYU Museum website.