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Summer’s Not Over; Group Shows Alive and Kicking

Despite what the department store windows are telling us, summer is not over. Thus, the season of dynamic group shows is yet to be concluded, affording you one more month to see top-notch surveys of emerging artists and the like.

One such noteworthy exhibition in particular is at Joshua Liner Gallery, on view from August 14 – September 2, 2010. Featuring MMG’s Kenichi Yokono and Jeremy Fish, the concise and aptly titled “Summer Group Exhibition” will act as a potential preview of the gallery’s 2010/2011 program. Also featuring works by Kris Kuksi, SWOON and twenty others, the show will surely end JLG’s summer on a high note.

For more information on the exhibition or featured artists, visit the gallery’s website.

“Surviving the End of Your World” Until August 14th

A sincere thanks to everyone who made it out to Santa Monica for Chad Person‘s first LA solo show opening – between the massive inflatable sculpture photo-ops and a live golf ball cannon demo, we’re confident that it was a unique event in and of itself.

We mustn’t be alone in that assessment to boot – as Daily Serving‘s Seth Curcio published a fabulous article on Chad’s exhibition. Read the full length article here, and check out the opening night photos below!

Cordy Ryman Gets Scrappy in Austin

With over a dozen new works from the studio on view, Cordy Ryman‘s first Texas solo exhibition – dubbed “Scrapple” – opens at Lora Reynolds Gallery this Saturday, July 17, 2010.

The exhibition will remain on view through September 4th, and is certainly a must-see for our Texan contemporary art enthusiasts. For more information, please visit the gallery website.

Jeremy Fish in the City of Roses

If you happen to be in Portland this fine summer evening, we’re making a suggestion for your social calendar.

Jeremy Fish‘s “The Road Less Traveled: Mobile Art Tour 2010” is stopping off at Upper Playground, and tonight is the opening reception! From 7-10pm, you can hang out with Jeremy, his art and DJ 60/40. Not too shabby for a Saturday night, we feel…

Ben Weiner’s “Un-Titled (Abstraction)”

With the doors of his second LA solo show just barely closed, Ben Weiner‘s work will be swept away to New Mexico in order to be featured in “Un-Titled (Abstraction)” at David Richard Contemporary (Santa Fe).

Showing alongside Jay Davis, Shirley Kaneda, Clarence Morgan, and Matthew Penkala, Weiner will have both painting and video featured in the exhibition – which opens July 20th, and remains on view through August 28th, 2010.

The opening reception for the exhibition is set for July 24, from 5-8pm. More information can be found on the David Richard Contemporary website!

MMG : Statements 4, Featuring Chad Person

In tandem with his upcoming inaugural LA solo show, Chad Person is the newly-released subject of the in-house produced Mark Moore Gallery : Statements 4. Available on pre-order, the book features an interview with the artist, press excerpts and overviews of all of his bodies of work to date. Statements 4 can be purchased for $20 (plus shipping) by emailing a request to

If you fancy Going Green, you can also download a free e-catalogue of Statements 4 by clicking here!

Dimitri Kozyrev Featured at MOCA Tuscon

MOCA Tuscon will be opening the second installment of its major group summer exhibition on July 10th, “Made in Tuscon/Born in Tuscon/Live in Tuscon Part II,” which will feature three new works by Dimitri Kozyrev alongside a select group of emerging contemporary artists. If you find yourself in Arizona this summer, you best make the trip over to see fresh works from the Kozyrev studio.

Additionally, Kozyrev is featured in Stephan Stoyanov Gallery‘s (NY) current group exhibition, Sites of Memory: Architecture and Remembering, with Thomas Ruff, Rachel Whiteread and others, on view through July 25th. He will also be included in Mixed Greens‘ (NY) upcoming exhibition, Gimme Shelter, which opens Thursday, July 15, 6-8pm, and runs until September 3rd.

Start penciling some Kozyrev into your calendar…

Schulnik Helps Save the Planet…So Should You!

PLANET Magazine has the market on Going Green and global consciousness covered, and they do it with enviable style. Raising awareness through art, architecture, fashion, film, music and design, the publication is an e-Bible for all things Eco, with an insatiable appetite for dynamic culture to boot.

Their most recent campaign, dubbed “EARTH BY,” features ten contemporary artists’ interpretations of the world through limited-edition prints for sale. 10% of each sale is donated to Charity:Water and for their conservationist causes, and in choosing to purchase one of these fine works, you have the potential to own your very own Allison Schulnik – who was invited to participate in the project – for $75 – $375.

To view Schulnik’s contributed piece, or purchase a print, visit the PLANET website.

Vernon Fisher’s “Floor Plan” and Book Club

With his upcoming retrospective exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (opening September 25, 2010), Vernon Fisher is making the proverbial rounds.

Fisher is currently in Dunn and Brown Contemporary’s (Dallas, TX) summer group show, “Floor Plan,”alongside Tara Donovan, Joseph Havel, Annette Lawrence, Amy Myers, Nic Nicosia, Matthew Sontheimer and Erick Swenson; on view through August 21. Simultaneously, Fisher is partaking in the Blanton Museum of Art‘s “Book Club,” for which he has selected four books relevant to his practice to discuss and with museum patrons. Should you be in the Austin area, and discontent with your own book club’s selections, drop by the museum to chat with Vernon about his literary influences:

July 15th, 7PM: Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be by Walter Truett Anderson

August 19th, 7PM: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

September 16th, 7PM: The Elizabethan World Picture by E.M.W. Tillyard

October 21st, 7PM: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes

Hit up your local library or Amazon account if you want to read along…