Tim Bavington Solos in Phoenix

The gallery is proud to announce “New Work,” a solo exhibition by gallery artist Tim Bavington, at Bentley Gallery (AZ). Opening on Thursday, March 6 (6-8pm), the exhibition will act as a survey of the artist’s most celebrated techniques.

As featured on Artsy this week, the show will debut new, dynamic paintings:

“Tim Bavington’s intense fields of psychedelically colored stripes, on view in his upcoming show at Bentley Gallery, might not appear at first glance to relate to music, but underpinning these paintings is the artist’s experience of popular music by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Neil Young, among other rock icons. Cultivating his own sort of synesthesia, Bavington assigns musical notes to tones of color and compositional elements, so that his paintings seem to pulsate and reverberate with rhythmic bands of synthetic polymer paint. Some of his more swirling, curvilinear compositions might recall digital visualizations of music. His work has been compared to the intoxicatingly atmospheric qualities of a Mark Rothko and Dan Flavin’s neon bars of light, and Bavington’s paintings, a bit like Rothko’s, appear to alter slightly when viewed from different vantage points, the clean stripes blurring when seen up-close, to mesmerizing effect.”

For more information about available works, or opening reception details, please contact Bentley Gallery.


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