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Must Read: “Ceramic art, once written off as mere craft, wins a brighter spotlight in the L.A. scene” by Leah Ollman


Image: Work by Zemer Peled

Please find attached a link to a very interesting article in the Los Angeles Times focused on the resurgence in ceramic art and sculpture on the West Coast. It features or references Mark Moore Fine Art artists Zemer Peled, Dirk Staschke, Jeffry Mitchell, Meghan Smythe, and Allison Schulnik – all of which have been featured in the past year in numerous museum exhibitions focused on the genre. Check it out at:

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MMFA News (April 2018)

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If you were subscribed to the Mark Moore Fine Art NEWS FEED this month, you would know about the following exhibitions and artist updates:

JOSEPH ROSSANO “EDNA” Tabbed as Exhibition of the Week on ARTSY

• PENELOPE UMBRICO on view now in ‘Desire Lines’ at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

• AMY ELKINS is currently featured in Aperture  magazine’s “Prison Nation” issue

• DIRK STASCHKE featured in this month’s edition of NEW AMERICAN PAINTING

• PENELOPE UMBRICO on view now at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in “Nothing Stable under Heaven”

• ALLISON SCHULNIK and JEFFRY MITCHELL featured in “BioPerversity” at Nicodim Gallery L.A.

• AMY ELKINS acclaimed exhibition “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” at The High Museum in Atlanta extended through April 29, 2018

• ALLISON SCHULNIK current group exhibition at THE HOLE in New York City

• PENELOPE UMBRICO on view now in ‘Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today’ at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)  – Boston, MA

• ALLISON SCHULNIK featured in “The mecca, California” at the Eastern Star Gallery in LA

• CHRISTOPHER RUSSELL in “Cut! Paper Play in Contemporary Photography” at The J. Paul Getty Museum



Final Week: DIRK STASCHKE Exclusive Online ARTSY Exhibition Closes May 2nd


Image: Dirk Staschke, Flux #7, 2017 / Ceramic / 34 x 26 x 4 inches (Price Upon Request)

“I make sculptures based on paintings in what is traditionally considered a craft medium. In this translation, the sculptural representation of still life painting creates abstract forms. The results are beautifully made objects that simultaneously expose the crude structures of their creation.The pieces are both a simple exploration of residual forms derived from representation and a question regarding the merits of an Art object.” – Dirk Staschke

Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to announce the first online exhibition of the work of DIRK STASCHKE in an exclusive featured ARTSY feature this Spring 2018. Dirk Staschke is best known for his exploration of Dutch Vanitas still life themes in the medium of ceramics. His current body of work explores the space in between sculpture and painting. His work often uses meticulous representation as foil for examining skill and craft.

This ARTSY online Exhibition can be viewed now at:


Image: Dirk Staschke in the Studio

I would highly recommend that you view this high informative 4 minute film visit with the artist for additional information on his work and the concepts behind it at this link:

He received his BFA from the University of Montevallo followed by an MFA from Alfred University and has maintained an ongoing studio practice and extensive exhibition record for the last twenty years. During this time, he has taught at many notable universities, including Alfred University and New York University. His work has been shown internationally and resides in the permanent collections of several museums including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington (DC); Icheon Museum, World Ceramic Center (Gwango-dong) South Korea; Portland Art Museum (OR); Birmingham Museum of Art;  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;. He has received various artist’s grants including grants from The Virginia Groot Foundation and the Canada Council on the Arts.

He Currently resides in Portland Oregon where he is a full time studio artist.

For additional information please go to:

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Closing Sunday: AMY ELKINS “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” at The High Museum (Atlanta)


High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


Image: Amy Elkins (American, born 1979), Four Years out of a Death Row Sentence (Forest), pigmented inkjet print, Purchase with funds from The Thalia and Michael C. Carlos Advised Fund, Joe B. Massey, Lindsay W. Marshall and Dr. Lucius C. Beebe, Sr., Avery Kastin, Jane Cofer, and William Boling

On view through April 29, 2018

Black is the Day, Black is the Night is a multi-layered photographic project by artist Amy Elkins (American, born 1979) that explores the psychological effects of long-term solitary confinement. Of the 2.2 million people incarcerated in the United States, 100,000 of them are kept in isolation, often for years on end. Because her subjects are physically inaccessible and hidden from view (prisons generally do not allow photography inside), Elkins drew on correspondence with several men living on death row or serving life sentences. In addition to seven photographs from the project, the exhibition includes letters and ephemera written by the incarcerated men over the course of many years.


Image: Amy Elkins (American, born 1979), 13/32 (Not the Man I Once Was), 2009-2016, pigmented inkjet print

Elkins blended fact and fantasy to create extensively processed portraits and landscapes that evoke her subjects’ unstable senses of identity, fading memories, and the banal realities of everyday life in prison. The selection on view in this exhibition is drawn from a larger body of work that culminated in a book.

Elkins’s photographs are not an overt indictment of the American criminal justice system, yet in asking us to question the impact of a system designed to be out of sight, she implicates us in a decidedly political act. Elkins does not demand that we empathize with her subjects but instead asks us to pause and question our own stances on the use of capital punishment and solitary confinement before passing judgment on these men and dismissing them from our thoughts.





Dirk Staschke in “Revive, Remix, Respond: Contemporary Ceramic Artists and The Frick Pittsburgh” – On View Now

1Staschke_BeyondAshadow_2017_CeramicWoodEpoxy_27x22x20 copy

IMAGE: Dirk Staschke, “Beyond a Shadow”, 2017, Ceramic,Wood, and Epoxy, 27 x 22 x 20 inches

Revive, Remix, Respond” brings an exciting group of works by contemporary ceramic artists to The Frick Pittsburgh. Curated by Associate Curator of Decorative Arts, Dawn Brean, the exhibition is planned to showcase artists who are breathing new life into the ceramic medium by reinvigorating age-old motifs, processes, and techniques. Twenty artists whose artistic practice is informed by the past were invited to submit work that is inspired by, responds to, or relates to The Frick Pittsburgh’s collection. The selected works, all of which will have distinct connections to our collection, will make for an engaging installation exploring and illuminating the tensions and dualities between past and present. This show remain on view through May 28, 2018.

The assembled artworks feel simultaneously timeless and familiar yet unexpected. The visual vocabulary borrows from the rich artistic heritage of the 2,000-year-old medium while illuminating diverse issues that range from the contemporary (environmentalism, cross cultural exchange), to the personal (memory, collecting), to the aesthetic (pattern, form, abstraction). The international selection of featured artists includes Dirk Staschke, Bouke de Vries, Stephen Bowers, Paul Scott, Caroline Slotte, Chris Antemann, and Evan Hauser, among others. The exhibition will be staged in the French period room at The Frick Art Museum.

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AMY ELKINS is currently featured in Aperture  magazine’s “Prison Nation” issue

35_Elkins_BITDBITN copy

MMFA Artist AMY ELKINS is currently featured in Aperture  magazine’s “Prison Nation” issue.

Incarceration impacts all of us. “Americans, even those who have never been to a prison or had a relative in prison, need to realize that we are all implicated in a form of governance that uses prison as a solution to many social, economic, and political problems,” the Curator, Nicole Fleetwood, notes. Empathy and political awareness are essential to creating systemic change—and through Aperture magazine, and the accompanying exhibition and public programming, “Prison Nation” may provoke us to see parts of ourselves in the lives of those on the inside.

In “Black is the Day, Black is the Night”, a project that spanned seven years from 2009-2016, Amy Elkins explores how the notion of passing time can affect an individual’s psychology, sense of self, and perception of reality.

Check out her Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY for more more images and information on this award-winning Series of works at:

Awards and Praise for BITDBITN include:  Lightwork Residency, Latitude Residency, Aperture Portfolio Prize, Diane Merek Visiting Artist Series and more.  BITDBITN (book) shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards and the MACK First Book Awards and Winner of the Lucie Independent Book Prize.  Work from BITDBITN in permanent collections at The High Museum, Lightwork and Aperture Foundation.  BITDBITN (book) is in collections at SFMoMA Research Library, The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Special Collections at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The HAAS Arts Special Collections Yale University and many more.





Joseph Rossano “EDNA” On View Now


Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to announce the first online exhibition of the work of JOSEPH ROSSANO in an exclusive featured ARTSY feature opening this Tuesday. I wanted to make you among the first to be able to preview this fantastic body of work prior to announcing the show to the public. Please take a look at this beautiful and compelling exhibition.


Joseph Rossano’s exhibition “EDNA” conveys a deep admiration for nature, science and history. While the interdisciplinary systems of the natural world are highlighted through his works, Rossano’s show serves as a sampling of different organisms and their connections to one another.


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