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Kiel Johnson at Cypress College Art Gallery (CA)

Gallery artist Kiel Johnson is part of “Artists on Edge”, a group show at Cypress College Art Gallery curated by Mat Gleason.

From the press release:

The exhibit centers on the work and influence of the late Chris Burden who passed away earlier this year at the age of 69. Gleason posits that Burden’s penchant for finding the edge of every medium he touched was where his greatest influence occurred. Assembled here are historic works by Burden and nine contemporary artists, each with a debt to Burden and yet also finding a unique way to push their specific visual art mediums to the edge of what is possible.

Instead of tying these artists together, the exhibit seeks to show that the schools of thought embraced by Chris Burden were, like Burden’s art, unruly tentacles that stretch and threaten. The intensity of what one contemporary master created is shown to live on and grow into new forms of art.


Andrew Schoultz Documentary

The Creative Lives has published a new documentary on gallery artist Andrew Schoultz.

The Creative Lives aim is “to capture the nature of an artist; the struggles they have, the doubts that arise, and the victory of creating something you’re proud to sign. ”

What they have to say about Andrew Schoultz:

A seasoned muralist, Andrew Schoultz practiced his craft illegally on walls throughout San Francisco before successfully pitching his skills to Aaron Noble and the influential Clarion Alley Project. In years since he has refined his work to a state of mastery and continues, both in and out of the studio, to produce an ever changing and deeply profound body of work. In his show “Compound Eyes On The World” at Marx and Zavattero Gallery in San Francisco, Andrew presented work exploring the blur of mob perspective in the modern world.

Andrew has work right now in two incredible exhibitions. He has an installation and a gigantic painting at the Long Beach Museum of Art for their show Vitality and Verve which is up until Oct 25th. He also has a solo show entitled Cyclical Nature at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles up until October 31st. You must see this work in person the detail is incredible, please give yourself the gift of art and visit these works while you can.

Click here to watch the documentary.


Jason Salavon on Hyperallergic

Gallery artist Jason Salavon‘s installation “The Master Index,” featured at Expo Chicago, is the topic of Hyperallergic’s front page article, From Emoticon to Ellen Degeneres, an Index of the Most Popular Wikipedia Articles.

Describing the installation in detail, the article states:

“The Master Index (v.EXPO_Chicago)” wallpaper was an iteration of the 2013 collaboration between Salavon and researchers at the University of Chicago to compile a numbered list of English Wikipedia articles, sorted by page-view counts gathered since 2007. Each time Salavon shows the project, he updates it to reflect the current tally of page-views; most recent revision is from August 2015. The list speaks to our collective desire for bits of knowledge, our need for specific information to guide school projects, solve temporary brain lapses, and settle heated debates. It’s an ordered representation of our information obsession, with such funny and chance juxtapositions as “Dog” directly above “Snoop Dogg” and “Scientology” hovering just over “Celebrity Sex Tape.”  

Click here to read the full article.

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A project by Penelope Umbrico on iTunes

Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico has created a new app for iTunes. OUT OF ORDER (Cubicle Tile Game) is part of the artist’s project Out of Order, which uses a collection of images the artist found between 2008 and 2013 on office liquidation web-sites that buy the entire stock of furniture from offices going out of business. The pictures in this tile game are the cubicles being sold on these sites.

Download the app here.

To purchase the artist’s book, click here.


Jean Shin: Anthropocene Fossils

Gallery artist Jean Shin has a new public art project, Anthropocene Fossils, as part of Louisville Metro’s Connect/Disconnect public art commission.

Shin visited Louisville in the spring while the Ohio River had reached record levels. Massive amounts of consumer debris led her to envision a project that connects the natural history of Louisville’s riverfront to the present environmental conditions.

“Struck by the potential of the material debris found on the river banks, I propose to harvest and transform the detritus into a large site-specific installation. I [wanted] to work with the local community to gather debris that has been washed up by the Ohio River and make a new public artwork that engages audiences into the creative process.”

“My project is inspired by the exposed fossil beds nearby at the Falls of the Ohio …The ambition of Anthropocene Fossils is to similarly draw audiences to explore our contemporary imprints.”

“By transforming the accumulation of river debris on site, my project invites the public to explore these cultural artefacts while contemplating the impact of consumer waste and post-industrialization on our environment, landfills and navigational systems today.“

Click here for a video and audio guide of the project.

To learn more about Anthropocene Fossils click here.


Penelope Umbrico at Zuckerman Museum (GA)

Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico has work in Zuckerman Museum‘s Forget Me not, on view through December 6th, 2015. The show was recently reviewed by Dan Weiskopf for Arts Atlanta, who highlighted Umbrico’s work by stating:

“The only conceptual organization in Penelope Umbrico’s Sunset Portraits (2010-ongoing) is one imposed by online search algorithms. She has filled a massive grid with photos found by searching Flickr for keywords involving sunsets. Viewed from a distance it is impressive, a pointillistic mirage dotted with the shadowy outlines of anonymous heads. Up close, there is an initial impulse to find something distinctive in each, but as one image after another goes by this is replaced by tedium and a mild distaste for our obsession with the specialness of our own experiences. Past this feeling, though, lies the truth that Umbrico’s images don’t exist for us voyeurs, but for their makers. For all its light, the piece is a reminder that peeking into others’ memories is a chilly enterprise.”

Click here to read the interview in its’ entirety.

To learn more about the exhibition click here.


David Klamen at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (CA)

Gallery artist David Klamen is part of the exhibition San Diego Collects, opening September 26th at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Featuring a selection of works from private collections around San Diego, this exhibition aims to recognize that the cultural resources of San Diego are thriving not only within the walls of the museums, but also through the efforts of many committed individuals. With a glimpse into private collections, San Diego Collects showcases the diversity of art the region has to offer. Works by both established and emerging, as well as international and local artists, attest to the fullness of the community’s collecting spirit.

San Diego Collects is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Support for the exhibition has been provided by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.  Institutional Support for MCASD is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Fund.

To learn more about the exhibition click here.

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Van gogh meta-painting mail

TOMORROW: Andrew Schoultz Interview on PeriscopeTV

Andrew Schoultz will be participating in a live streamed interview on “influencersTV“(influencers47@influencers) PeriscopeTV tomorrow (Saturday, September 19) at 12pm PST. Schoultz will walk viewers through his current exhibition, “Cyclical Nature,” at Mark Moore Gallery, and discuss the new mural that he is producing on the exterior of the gallery as well. A statement about his current show is below:

Inspired by the recurrent nature of war and histories bound to repeat themselves, Schoultz’s latest exhibition toggles between his signature frenetic imagery and a new stark minimalism reminiscent of various art historical conventions – though both illustrate a topical, dystopian vision. In this new body of work, notions of war, spirituality, and sociopolitical imperialism are prominent motifs, which parallel an equally repetitive contemporary pursuit of accumulation and power. “Cyclical Nature” examines not only the repetition of the same wars, but also the way in which they are recorded and memorialized, as well as how the past is recorded (and often glorified).

“Many of the wars being fought are the same wars that have been fought for hundreds and hundreds of years. For me, it makes sense to reference some historical art that was perhaps talking about, or recording the history, and put it in a contemporary context … after all, it is the same story, just a different time period. “ –Andrew Schoultz

Referencing iconic imagery such as suits of armor, battle horses, war ships, and all-seeing eyes, Schoultz makes connections between emblems of power and violence across cultures and epochs. All too reminiscent of the modern world, Schoultz shows us a beautiful yet brutal world of power structures, and urges us to resist.

Schoultz (b. 1975, WI) received his BFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco (CA). He has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Boston, London, Portland, Detroit and Milan. He has been included in group exhibitions at the Andy Warhol Museum (PA), Torrance Art Museum (CA), Havana Biennial (Cuba), Hyde Park Arts Center (IL), Laguna Art Museum (CA), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), among others. His work can be seen in the public collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Frederick R. Weisman Foundation (CA) and the Progressive Art Collection (OH), in addition to his publicly funded murals in Portland (ME), Jogjakarta (Indonesia) and San Francisco (CA). Schoultz lives and works in San Francisco (CA).

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Kiel Johnson at Fellows of Contemporary Art (CA)

Gallery artist Kiel Johnson is part of 6H to 8B, a new exhibition opening at Fellows of Contemporary Art on September 19th.

6H to 8B presents graphite and charcoal works by artists living in Los Angeles. Referring to the density range of graphite and charcoal pencils, 6H to 8B presents drawings, sculpture and animation in a spectrum of styles, spanning from photo-realism to abstraction. Demonstrating the multiple possibilities of charcoal and graphite, these works address ideas of comedy, violence, awkwardness, nostalgia and the politics of the present.

To learn more about the exhibition click here.

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Kiel Johnson. Generate-Regenerate. 2014. Graphite on paper. 9 x 12 inches

Kiel Johnson. Generate-Regenerate. 2014. Graphite on paper. 9 x 12 inches

Josh Azzarella speaking at Akron Art Museum (OH)

On Thursday, September 17th, gallery artist Josh Azzarella will be part of a photography panel at Akron Art Museum on Reality and Fiction.

The panel discussion is held in conjunction with the exhibit Proof, that Azzarella is included in. Proof features photographs from the Civil War to the present. The exhibition highlights familiar favorites from the collection, including classic documentary photographs by Walker Evans, Lewis Hine and Weegee, as well as major series commissioned by the museum from Lee Friedlander and Robert Glenn Ketchum. Contemporary artists who have filtered these documentary styles to question photographic truth are represented by recent acquisitions by Jennifer Williams, Josh Azzarella and Barbara Probst.

The discussion will feature artists Josh Azzarella and Barry Underwood as well as photojournalist Peggy Turbett. Moderated by Akron Art Museum Assistant Curator Elizabeth Carney, the panel will take place in the museum’s Arnstein galleries, allowing the artwork on view to further enrich the discussion.

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