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SCHOOL: The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project at The Bellevue Arts Museum



The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project

School, an exhibition spearheaded and conceptualized by artist Joseph Rossano, casts light on the diminished state of global salmon and steelhead populations. The installation features a life-size school of mirrored salmon, sculpted from molten glass by concerned glassmakers from around the world. Participating makers send their contributions to a central location where the glass fish are silvered by Joseph Rossano and then sent to join the exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Rossano’s project is inspired by the Skagit River, the fourth largest outflow to the Pacific Ocean in the continental United States, and its dwindling run of salmon and steelhead. Once numbering in the millions, the Skagit’s salmon stocks now number barely in the tens of thousands. Whereas the river’s steelhead population, which historically numbered in the tens of thousands, now numbers only in the hundreds. Because the steelhead return to the Skagit in the late winter when cupboards were bare, they once served as an important food supply to indigenous peoples. The stories of the region’s people and their use of its land over thousands of years offers captivating and actionable insights that Rossano hopes will bring disparate groups together for the benefit of these fish and those dependent on them.

To kick off the project, the Museum of Glass will host a makers event on October 12, 13, and 14. During that long weekend, the MOG team will work with Rossano and a range of other glass artists to create fish for the exhibition. Trout Unlimited, an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wild fish populations will co-host the event, making it a celebration of the fish with refreshments, films and talks from scientists, indigenous peoples, and sportsman.

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Check out the following article on Mark Moore Fine Art just published on ARTSY

Mark-Moore-portrait_gallery copy

Check out the following article just recently published on ARTSY:

“Success Story: Mark Moore Fine Art” — Read on

The feature is a very insightful look into the past, present, and future of Mark Moore Fine Art.

Since 1984, Mark Moore has been a leading champion of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists in Southern California. Until 2016, he was the founder and principal of Mark Moore Gallery – an acclaimed Los Angeles space that was family owned and operated for nearly thirty-two years. Recognizing the rapid changes of the gallery industry and the modern needs of his clients, Moore decided to pivot the focus of his business from the traditional gallery model to a private agency that would allow for increased project flexibility and individualized consulting.  Mark Moore Fine Art is a progression from Moore’s gallery history, with a similarly ambitious roster of represented artists and activity in the secondary market. With Moore’s broad experience, MMFA provides tailored collection management, consulting, project management, public artwork commissions, exhibition design, and curatorial services with the attentiveness of a small-scale firm.

For a detailed history of our past exhibitions and projects, please click here.


Dirk Staschke Acquired by The Huntsville Museum of Art

Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to announce the acquisition of a major work (pictured below) by artist DIRK STASCHKE for the Permanent Collection of The Huntsville Museum of Art.

The permanent collection of the Huntsville Museum of Art is comprised of over 3,200 objects, primarily focused on 19th and 20th century American art with an emphasis on art from the Southeast. African, Asian, and European art, from cultures influential on American art, is the Museum’s secondary collecting focus.

The collection holds some 400 works on paper by American artists such as James McNeill Whistler, Reginald Marsh, John Sloan, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, and Andy Warhol. These works have allowed the Museum to provide its community first-hand access to original works of art by leading 20th century masters.

Since 1998, nearly 70 contemporary works in wood, glass, metal, clay and fiber have been added to the collection, including works by Dale Chihuly, William Morris and Philip Moulthrop. In 2008, the Museum acquired the prestigious Sellars Collection of Art by American Women, a landmark gathering of over 400 paintings, drawings and sculptures that heralds achievements of more than 250 American women artists active between 1850 and 1940. An eclectic holding of more than 600 works in various media form the remainder of the collection, such as the unique assembly of sterling silver animals created by the luxury Italian jewelry firm of Buccellati; European and Japanese prints; Chinese snuff bottles; carved African objects; and other valuable community resources that affirm that artistic heritage and provide context for American achievements in the arts.   In 2017, the Museum acquired the historic portrait of Ethel Waters, created by well-known artist, Luigi Lucioni.



Vanitas Vase #7, 2017, 22”x 18”x “18, ceramic

Collection of the Huntsville Museum of Art

Check out the associated video with this work at:

“I make sculptures based on paintings in what is traditionally considered a craft medium. In this translation, the sculptural representation of still life painting creates abstract forms. The results are beautifully made objects that simultaneously expose the crude structures of their creation.The pieces are both a simple exploration of residual forms derived from representation and a question regarding the merits of an Art object.” – Dirk Staschke

MMFA is also very pleased to present the first online exhibition of the work of Dirk Stachke in an exclusive featured ARTSY feature on view now.



DETAIL IMAGE: Vanitas Vase #7, 2017, 22”x 18”x “18, ceramic

Collection of the Huntsville Museum of Art

Staschke received his BFA from the University of Montevallo followed by an MFA from Alfred University and has maintained an ongoing studio practice and extensive exhibition record for the last twenty years. During this time, he has taught at many notable universities, including Alfred University and New York University. His work has been shown internationally and resides in the permanent collections of several museums including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington (DC); Icheon Museum, World Ceramic Center (Gwango-dong) South Korea; Portland Art Museum (OR); Birmingham Museum of Art;  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;. He has received various artist’s grants including grants from The Virginia Groot Foundation and the Canada Council on the Arts. Staschke currently resides in Portland Oregon where he is a full time studio artist.

For additional information please go to the follwing link HERE 

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Daniel Canogar “Plexus” Featured in MIRRORS – An Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY


DANIEL CANOGARPlexus“, 2016, Liquid crystal display, metal structure, computer / Dimensions:66 x 37.8 x 2.3 in / 167.6 x 96 x 5.8 cm / Edition of 5


Manual labor is disappearing. Potters, glass blowers or cabinetmakers, to name just a few, are dying trades, and with their dwindling presence long traditions refined through the centuries fade. Electronics and the robotization of the manufacturing process erase the hand as a fabricating tool. Homo faber gives way to homo cyber. What a paradox that in the digital era, it is precisely the digit of the hand that disappears from the labor process.

Plexus questions the hand of the artist as the origin of an artwork ni the digital era. The clusters of hands seen in the artwork -those of the artist- depict fingers weaving in the air to form undulating curtain-like formations. The rhythms of the hands resemble the choreaography of Busby Berkeley and Esther Williams´ films from the 1930s, as well as the use of humans as mass ornament in the Third Reich´s Nuremberg parades. Hands, so present through the history of art since the first cave paintings, here succumb to multiple synchronized rhythms, evoking the mass production of the global market.

An important influence in the genesis of the artwork where Muybridge and Marey’s photographic human motion studies from the late 19th Century, as well as the optical effects of the 18th Century zoetrope that created movement on static images. In these pre-cinematic inventions human beings were incorporating themselves into the mechanical rhythms of the moment, of which photography and film were a product. In the present we are synchronizing ourselves to the new rigors of a digital culture. Plexus helps me reflect on how I want to incorporate, or resist, the unstoppable digital rhythms of today. It also helps me to find my own trace in the Electronic Age.

Daniel Canogar (Madrid, 1964) received an M.A. from NYU and the International Center for Photography in 1990. His work as a visual artist focuses on photograpy, video, and installation art.

Daniel Canogar has created numerous public art pieces, including Waves, a permanent sculptural LED screen for the atrium of 2 Houston Center, Houston; Travesías, a sculptural LED screen commissioned for the atrium of the European Union Council in Brussels during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union in 2010; Constelaciones, the largest photo-mosaic in Europe created for two pedestrian bridges over the Manzanares River, in MRío Park, Madrid; Helix, a permanent LED sculptural screen made for Quantum of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship andClandestinos, a video-projection presented on various emblematic monuments including the Arcos de Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and the church of San Pietro in Montorio in Rome.

Canogar_Plexus_2016_Captura de pantalla 2018-09-14 a las 11.11.20



Canogar’s recent work includes Storming Times Square, screened on 47 of the LED billboards in Times Square, New York; “Small Data”, a solo exhibition at bitforms, New York, and Max Estrella Gallery in Madrid; “Quadratura”, a solo exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima; “Vórtices”, an exhibition exploring issues of water and sustainability at the Fundación Canal Isabel II in Madrid;Synaptic Passage, an installation commissioned for the exhibition “Brain: The Inside Story” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and two installations at the Sundance Film Festival 2011 in Park City, Utah.

Canogar_Plexus_2016_Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 13.33.40

He has exhibited in the Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid; the Palacio Velázquez, Madrid; Max Estrella Gallery, Madrid; bitforms Gallery, New York; Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon; Guy Bärtschi Gallery, Geneva; Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea, Milano; the Santa Mónica Art Center, Barcelona; the Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas; the Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio; the Offenes Kulturhaus Center for Contemporary Art, Linz; the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfallen, Düsseldorf; Hamburger Banhof Museum, Berlin; Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul; the American Museum of Natural History, New York; the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh and the Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh.

For more information on Daniel Canogar go to the following link on the Mark Moore Fine Art website HERE or contact:

Viewing are available by appointment.

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Available Now: Mark Bennett “The Home of Wilbur & Carol Post (Mr. Ed)”

Mr Ed

MARK BENNETT, Home of Wilbur & Carol Post (Mr. Ed), 2017, Lithograph on Rives BFK paper, 24 x 36 inches (Edition of 10) 

We have just a few of these works remaining, so please give this work your most serious consideration at this time.

Mister Ed is an American television sitcom produced by Filmways which originally aired in syndication from January 5 to July 2, 1961, and then on CBS from October 1, 1961, to February 6, 1966. The show’s title character – a talking horse – originally appeared in short stories by Walter R. Brooks.

Mark Bennett‘s (b. 1956, Tennessee) whimsical works engage with pop culture and celebrity to an extreme degree. His blueprint lithographs of Baby Boom era sitcoms and popular television series depict the ultimate pairing of flight of fancy and stoical logic; the purely imaginary floor plans grounded by the dry format of an architect’s design. His works are both pleasingly nostalgic and vaguely disconcerting in their premonition of a society obsessed by television and celebrity culture.

For the past 25 years, Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bennett has made art firmly rooted in the collective American experience of television. His drawings and lithographs are “blueprints” of famous television houses from such classic sitcoms as The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Brady Bunch, and Perry Mason. Drawing these fictional dwellings from memory, Bennett documents the minutiae of the characters’ lives by constructing their environments with a painstaking level of detail. His floor plans narrate the American Dream, charting not only the architecture, but also the subtext of our culturally accepted models for living.

You can view this exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of the original drawings that remain available from this body of work now by clicking on the follwing link below:

To order, please contact Mark at:

This work is available subject to prior sale and prices are subject to change without notice. All taxes, tariffs, shipping and/or viewing expenses, if any, would be additional.

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Opening Today: Amy Elkins: Photographs of Contemporary Masculinity

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to announce artist Amy Elkins first survey of photographs and first solo exhibition in the Western United States. If you find yourself in the Orange County area, don’t miss this exhibition!

Amy Elkins: Photographs of Contemporary Masculinity presents photographs from six bodies of work spanning over a decade.  Rugby players, male ballet dancers, life and death row inmates and two chapters of Wallflower portraits looking into masculinity and vulnerability will be on display in the in the gorgeous 2800 sq ft main gallery at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion.



Rowan, Appling, GA. 2016 / Archival Pigment Print / 30×40 inches, edition of 5


Amy Elkins: Photographs of Contemporary Masculinity

September 20-December 1, 2018

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion

Orange Coast College

2701 Fairview Road Costa Mesa, California 92626


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Daniel Canogar “Mirrors” – On View Now


You can view “Mirrors” – the exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of the works of Daniel Canogar – now at the following link:

The exhibition will include alternate views of these works, all particulars, in addition to all pricing information.

Born in Madrid (1964) to a Spanish and an American mother, DANIEL CANOGAR´s life and career have bridged between Spain and the U.S. Photography was his earliest medium of choice, but he soon became interested in the possibilities of the projected image and installation art. His fascination with the technological history of optical devices, such as magic lanterns, panoramas and zoetropes, inspired him to create his own projection devices. Fox example, in the late 90s he created a multi-projection system with fiber optic cables. The resulting artworks were mobile-like hanging sculptures that projected images onto surrounding walls.

With the advent of digital technology, the artist continued re-conceptualizing visual media as sculpture. By projecting video animations onto salvaged obsolete electronics, he was able to metaphorically reveal the collective dreames trapped within DVDs, old calculators, video-game consoles or found computer hard drives. Also notable are Canogar´s public artworks using flexible LED screens. Like with his earlier fiber optic cable installations, he once again reinvents an existing technology to suit his artistic explorations; by using flexible LED tiles, he is able to create twisting ribbon-like screens for atriums and public spaces.


He has created numerous public art pieces, including Tendril, a permanent sculptural LED screen for Tampa International Airport; Travesías, a sculptural LED screen commissioned for the atrium of the European Union Council in Brussels; Constelaciones, the largest photo-mosaic in Europe created for two pedestrian bridges over the Manzanares River, Madrid; and Asalto, a video-projection presented on various emblematic monuments including the Arcos de Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, Union Station in Toronto, Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and ths church of San Pietro in Montorio in Rome.

His recent work includes “Fluctuations” at Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid; Storming Times Square, screened on 47 of the LED billboards in Times Square, New York; “Echo”, a solo exhibition at bitforms, New York, and Max Estrella Gallery in Madrid; “Vórtices”, an exhibition exploring issues of water and sustainability at the Fundación Canal Isabel II in Madrid and Synaptic Passage, an installation commissioned for the exhibition “Brain: The Inside Story” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Daniel Canogar received an M.A. from NYU ant the International Center for photography in 1990. He presently lives and works in Madrid and New York City.

You can find additional available works now available by this artist and prices on our ARTSY website at:

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