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Kiel Johnson’s Retro Thingamajigs at the Taubman Museum

Those lamenting the disappearance of the Polaroid camera and relishing the banjo’s reappearance have something in common with Kiel Johnson: a love for the sounds and objects of a bygone era, and nostalgic affections for the handmade. Opening on June 3, 2011 at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke (VA), is One Thing Leads to Another, the artist’s first major museum retrospective exhibition featuring his handmade machinery and ink drawings, in addition to an on-site painting and exterior mural. Many of Johnson’s hand-crafted cassette tapes, SLR and Polaroid cameras, boom boxes, and musical instruments will be on view – all constructed from his signature cardboard medium – in addition to Publish or Perish, a sizable tribute to his family’s newspaper printing press, in “working” condition. The collection of gadgetry will remain on view through August 28, 2011.

Kiel Johnson <3s McNay Art Museum

Kiel Johnson got to spend Valentine’s Day with one of the great loves of his life: free food art. Opening in tandem with the McNay Art Museum‘s Annual Patrons Party, “New Image Sculpture”opened to a black tie-clad audience with a penchant for the three-dimensional. Johnson had eight works featured in the exhibition, including the Toshiba-famed “Eight Bit Gary” suit.

Also featuring Okaymountain, Kaz Oshiro and Jade Townsend (among others), “New Image Sculpture remains on view through May 8, 2011. If you find yourself in the San Antonio region, it’s more than worth your time. The Alamo, however,  is another story…

LIVE from Hyperbole Studios, It’s Kiel Johnson…

Toiling away in a non-air-conditioned Los Angeles studio, Kiel Johnson is feverishly creating another one of his cardboard realities for the universe at large.

First up, Johnson and fellow artista Klai Brown created the “8-Bit Man,” a fully wearable cardboard robot get-up that Brown donned for an upcoming Toshiba commercial, which will air later this summer (stay tuned for the link)! Check out some of the behind-the-scenes images from the filming session below. Glistening man in loincloth not included with suit, sadly.

Simultaneously, Johnson has been fashioning a new series of 3-D goodies for his upcoming show at Davidson Contemporary (New York), which opens on September 23, 2010. If you’re in the area, start plugging this date into your iCal, as Johnson will be making the trek out to the Big Apple to be on hand for the reception. Check back for more of Johnson’s mad-scientist tendencies in the next few months; there’s never a dull moment around Hyperbole Studios.

Kiel Johnson in Art in America

You may remember Kiel Johnson‘s mega-solo show here at MMG last year, but in case you need a refresher, Art in America just published a fabulous review by Janet Koplos in their most recent issue.

Koplos notes that Johnson’s “Publish or Perish” “highlighted the manual dexterity and conceptual wit that have earned him recognition in L.A.”

Check out the full-length review HERE!

Miami in Review

MMG had this fantasy of doing blog updates every night we were in Miami – but after spending ten hours in the booth, followed by two hours in meetings, followed by brief appearances at artist and colleague happenings around the city…a few hours of sleep sounded like a more pressing need.

Now that we are back, and (for the most part) caught up with our post-fair ops, we are thrilled to share some of the fair’s highlights with you:

• We were excited to place works by Tim Bavington, Julie Heffernan, Nobuhito Nishigawara, Yigal Ozeri, Jason Salavon, Allison Schulnik, Cordy Ryman, Ben Weiner and Kenichi Yokono with enthusiastic and quality collectors.

Kiel Johnson, Kim Dorland, Ben Weiner Jason Salavon and Yigal Ozeri all made the journey to Miami to visit us, for which we were very thankful and appreciative. We were able to catch up with them at our event at the Essex House, which we co-hosted with Catharine Clark Gallery, DCKT Contemporary, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Electric Works, Hosfelt Gallery, Marx & Zavattero, Mixed Greens, Morgan Lehman Gallery, P.P.O.W., Paul Kopeikin Gallery and Rena Bransten Gallery.

• Sarah Douglas of Art + Auction and ArtInfo.com spoke with Catlin Moore (Gallery Manager) about works in the booth, and consequently announced the Metropolitan Museum’s acquisition of Jason Salavon‘s “Portrait (Hals)” for their permanent collection in her PULSE Miami review.

Ben Weiner‘s “C6H1206” went to the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation’s permanent collection, while Julie Heffernan‘s “Study for Self Portrait as Flat World” went to the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation.

• Museum des Beaux Arts Montreal acquired one of Allison Schulnik‘s videos, and 2×2 Gallery in Amsterdam confirmed a solo exhibition of new works by Kenichi Yokono.

• According to the Wall Street Journal‘s ongoing coverage, Miami had approximately 40,000 people in town for the fairs…dangerously close to 2007’s 43,000, and – we feel – largely indicative of a returning market. MMG personally met some fabulous collectors and writers over the week.

• Parties were prevalent – including free concerts by Santigold and the Sex Pistols – but MMG was too booked up to attend any functions besides their own. Because of this, they lived vicariously through the coverage on ArtForum, Flavorpill and ArtLog, and are only marginally bitter.

We sincerely thank all of our fervent collectors and MMG advocates for making the trip out this year, your support of our gallery and our artists is always deeply appreciated. Furthermore, our featured artists floored us with amazing work created for the booth, and their support of our ever-developing program. We thank them for providing us with such incredible art on an ongoing basis.

Check out the iPhone photojournalism efforts of MMG’S Gallery Manager, Catlin Moore, who apologizes for the horrendous quality of the images, but hopes they illuminate a small fraction of Miami’s greatness.

Next up: PULSE New York, 2010. Check back for the gallery’s announcement of this year’s solo booth artist.

Kiel Johnson Wows LA

If the response to Kiel Johnson‘s “Publish or Perish” is any indication, the artist needn’t worry about perishing any time soon. The LA Times, LA Weekly and ArtInfo all published glowing reviews of Johnson’s current exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery this week.

Johnson himself even acted as a contributor for ArtInfo, as they asked him to furnish them with his “Top 5 LA Gallery Picks.” Check out the various articles below, and get in to see the show before it closes on November 14th!


LA Weekly

LA Times

Kiel Johnson

Not Enough Kiel in Your Life?

While Kiel Johnson‘s current solo show gathers speed here at MMG, the prolific artist is also participating in “Molasses Happens Rather Quickly” – a group exhibition orchestrated by Phantom Galleries in Long Beach, CA.

Bonus points: starting on October 24th, Phantom Galleries made it possible for visitors to walk along a self-guided tour of each of the various exhibition locations, guided by a published map that charts their course. In case that isn’t cool enough, viewers can use their cell phone to dial an assigned extension, which connect with an informative message from the exhibiting artist or curator. Hello, cell phone audio tours!

For more information, visit Everything Long Beach or Phantom Galleries‘ website.

Molasses Happens Rather Quickly

Kiel Madness!

Kiel Johnson opened his solo show last Saturday (10/17) to a jam-packed gallery and a few lovely write-ups! Chris Stanton of Daily duJour noted the show in his “Seen” section, while Look Into My Owl noted Kiel’s individuality.

Johnson’s video documenting the production of his pin-hole camera, “The Twin-Lens Reflex” (directed by Theo Jemison) is darn-near 30,000 views today on Vimeo, and was featured in the gallery show. If you haven’t already, watch it now by clicking here!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Kiel’s new body of work – check out the complete collection of event photos on Mark Moore Gallery’s Facebook page, and tag yourself!

Twin Lens Reflex: Camera on Camera

Ever wonder what kind of madness unfolds in Kiel Johnson’s studio? Now you can watch – as the artist furiously builds his Twin Lens Reflex Camera….on camera….
Kiel's Video

Kiel Johnson’s Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera Time Lapse from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

“Publish or Perish” is Radar-Friendly

Kiel Johnson’s upcoming solo exhibition, “Publish or Perish,” is already on the radar of some LA art aficionados.

In addition to the Beautiful/Decay article by Sasha Lee, and Annie Owens’ contribution to Hi-Fructose Magazine, Shayna Nys Dambrot of Flavorpill weighed in on Kiel’s newest haps. Read her overview on Flavorpill LA, or via the image below.