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Gavin Nolan Helps Celebrate Five Years of Sartorial

Celebrating the launch of their new website, Sartorial Contemporary (London, UK) announces FIFTHYEARS – FIVE YEARS CELEBRATION, an exhibition featuring their most prominent artists from the past five years. Included in the exhibition is MMG’s Gavin Nolan, who will be showing alongside Gordon Cheung, Sweet Toof, Hugh Mendes and others.

For more information, visit Sartorial’s website. Better yet, if you’re in the London area, drop by the gallery October 2 – 23rd, 2009 to see some real, live Nolan works.

Gavin Nolan

Blog updates

Gavin Nolan’s current exhibition, Hexen Reflex, was listed on DAILYSERVING this weekend, with only two weeks of the show left, make sure you stop by and see his fabulous paintings.

Another version of the Aaron Rosen article appears on CAS, Canadian Art Scene, entitled “Bruised Beauty, paintings by Kim Dorland”. To read this updated account of Dorland’s current show at Freight + Volume, click here.

Saturday night opening!

If you were here on Saturday night you will know our opening for Julie Heffernan and Gavin Nolan was one of our most successful yet. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it the hip and happening party it was. A sample of photos from the night are below, have a look and see if you were snapped, or see what you missed.

Thanks to Will Tee Yang for his excellent camera skills, head over to his site to see all the great photos he took.