Monthly Archives: March 2012

Jason Salavon’s Scheme of Things

In addition to opening a solo exhibition of new works at Mark Moore Gallery on April 14th, new media artist Jason Salavon will also open Scheme of Things – a solo video works show at Clark College’s (WA) Archer Gallery onApril 7th, with an artist talk on April 10th.

Featuring two of Salavon’s major installation works, “The Top 25 Grossing Films of All Time” and “Spigot (Babbling Self-Portrait),” the exhibition highlights “both Salavon’s artistic process over time and our own cultural shifts through a decade of changing technologies.  As within a Salavon work, viewing these two pieces together reveals larger patterns at play.”

Should you find yourself in the Vancouver (WA) area, and simply cannot wait for Salavon’s upcoming show in Culver City (CA), treat yourself to this schematic retinal delight.

Okay Mountain’s “School Night” Out in Austin

Just in time for SXSW, The Austin Art Museum is staging a playful take on the game of contemporary art. An outdoor installation project at the Laguna Gloria Grounds, “Art on the Green” consists of ten interactive miniature golf course holes fashioned by Austin-based artists, architects, and landscape architects. For a mere $8, you too can putt your way through the most distinctive course ever made.

MMG artist collaborative Okay Mountain contributed their vision to the project with “School Night” (2012). In the artists’ words:

“With School Night, Okay Mountain stages a scene where a clandestine late-night gathering has taken place. The discarded trash and petty vandalism left behind suggest the transitional state between adolescence and adulthood, inhabited by teenagers who are too old for playgrounds but too young for bars.”

“Art on the Green” opens March 9th, and remains on view through May 20th, 2012. Please refer to the project website for hours of operation.