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Julie Heffernan Catalogue Available NOW!

The catalogue produced in conjunction with Julie Heffernan’s current exhibition, “What Holds Up” is now available online! Thank you all for waiting so patiently, we are sure it’s worth the wait.

Please click here to preview and purchase the catalogue.

Julie Heffernan

Nobuhito Nishigawara’s catalogue

We are delighted to announce that the catalogue produced in conjunction with Nobuhito Nishigawara’s current exhibition is now available online. The book includes full color images of all the work featured in the exhibition as well as Nobu’s biography.

Please follow the link if you would like to order a copy of this stunning publication:


Cindy Wright Catalog

The catalog produced for Cindy Wright’s show is now available here:


The catalog not only includes installation images and those in the exhibition but also acts as a survey of her best paintings. With 33 full color reproductions and an introduction by Max Presneill, the end result is spectacular!