Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jeremy Fish’s Storytelling @ Joshua Liner

Currently on view at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York is Jeremy Fish‘s latest batch of bold, mythical creations, Listen and Learn. Known for his renderings of folkloric and narrative creatures, this grouping of thirty new works takes storytelling to a very literal level. Each piece has been based upon tales from prominent rappers, artists, skateboarders and athletes, such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Big Wiz and Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols. Their original accounts can be heard through accompanying headphones and MP3 players paired with each piece in the exhibition. Says Jeremy Fish, “In this era of email, texting and blogging, we are losing a grasp on the concept of sitting around the campfire and exchanging life experience through the telling of tall tales. I want to remind people of the importance of storytelling.”

The exhibition also debuts Fish’s animation work and includes a large site-specific installation. More information can be found at the gallery’s website, and in the exhibition’s preview video. The show will run through July 16.

Kim Dorland’s “For Lori” in NYC

Kim Dorland‘s latest exhibition, For Lori, opens Thursday at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, presenting eleven pieces depicting the artist’s wife and muse, Lori. Illustrating what has become a recurring oeuvre for the Canadian painter, the series explores his expressionist manner of representing the interpersonal love and intimacy that has served as both artistic inspiration and subject matter throughout his career. Dorland also demonstrates ideas of the muse or the stand-in through his distinct, energy-infused impasto. Spanning the time period from 2008 to 2011, the show reveals the artist’s progression from initial discovery of the portrait, raw and de Kooning-esque in form, to his more recent and painterly portrayals. More information can be found on the gallery’s website. The exhibition will run through August 27.