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Beautiful/Decay Goes “Behind the Scenes” with Kiel Johnson

Sasha Lee of Beautiful/Decay was all about the behind-the-scenes details of Kiel’s upcoming show, opening October 17th.

To catch a peek of Hyperbole Studio’s goings-on, check out B/D’s blog entry here!

Kiel Johnson in the studio

Gavin Nolan Helps Celebrate Five Years of Sartorial

Celebrating the launch of their new website, Sartorial Contemporary (London, UK) announces FIFTHYEARS – FIVE YEARS CELEBRATION, an exhibition featuring their most prominent artists from the past five years. Included in the exhibition is MMG’s Gavin Nolan, who will be showing alongside Gordon Cheung, Sweet Toof, Hugh Mendes and others.

For more information, visit Sartorial’s website. Better yet, if you’re in the London area, drop by the gallery October 2 – 23rd, 2009 to see some real, live Nolan works.

Gavin Nolan

NYT Reviews Tim Bavington

Ken Johnson of the New York Times reviewed Tim Bavington‘s solo exhibition of new work at Jack Shainman Gallery earlier this week, praising Bavington’s “aesthetics of seduction and sensory intoxication.”

Read the full-length review on page two by visiting the Art in Review section, and if you’re in the NYC area, visit the dynamic works in person at Shainman’s gallery at 513 West 20th Street.

Fell in Love With a Girl

Todd Hebert Heads South

Todd Hebert ventures into Texas with a solo exhibition of new work at Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery – opening on October 3, 2009, 11a – 1p – and is on view through November 5, 2009.

For more information on the show’s details and the gallery, visit DBHB Gallery’s website.

Snowman with Fireworks #3

Hi-Fructose Touches Base with Kiel Johnson

Hi-Fructose Magazine chatted with Kiel Johnson about his upcoming solo exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery, and documented his “swan song for dying technology”on the publication’s blog.

They not only preview Johnson’s exhibition (opening October 17th, 2009), but also discuss his concept and statement for the show – which is refreshingly autobiographical. Check out the full length feature here.

Hi Fructose

Ultrasonic IV on Daily Serving

Daily Serving’s Catherine Wagley wrote an extensive and lovely review of Ultrasonic IV for Daily Serving  – which you can read here. Wagley considers the “remix approach” and how the exhibition discusses “rephrasing visual legacies in a way that suggests nostalgia can be prescient.”

Which reminds us, Ultrasonic is only on view through October 10 – so make your way over to the Westside if you haven’t already!

Daily Serving

Ryan Taber Also Garnering Vandalism in NYC

MMG previously reported that Ryan Taber and his fellow LMCC project participants were the subject of many a writer’s pontifications, but it would seem they are also the target of many a vandal’s tags.

ArtInfo and Flavorpill are the first to report on the details from the LentSpace site. Luckily, Taber has kept his trademark cool during the incident, saying “I’m not worried at all about the sentiment.”

Let’s try to keep our criticisms to the blogosphere, shall we?

The addition to Taber's piece