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Tim Bavington Solos in Phoenix

The gallery is proud to announce “New Work,” a solo exhibition by gallery artist Tim Bavington, at Bentley Gallery (AZ). Opening on Thursday, March 6 (6-8pm), the exhibition will act as a survey of the artist’s most celebrated techniques.

As featured on Artsy this week, the show will debut new, dynamic paintings:

“Tim Bavington’s intense fields of psychedelically colored stripes, on view in his upcoming show at Bentley Gallery, might not appear at first glance to relate to music, but underpinning these paintings is the artist’s experience of popular music by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Neil Young, among other rock icons. Cultivating his own sort of synesthesia, Bavington assigns musical notes to tones of color and compositional elements, so that his paintings seem to pulsate and reverberate with rhythmic bands of synthetic polymer paint. Some of his more swirling, curvilinear compositions might recall digital visualizations of music. His work has been compared to the intoxicatingly atmospheric qualities of a Mark Rothko and Dan Flavin’s neon bars of light, and Bavington’s paintings, a bit like Rothko’s, appear to alter slightly when viewed from different vantage points, the clean stripes blurring when seen up-close, to mesmerizing effect.”

For more information about available works, or opening reception details, please contact Bentley Gallery.


Julie Oppermann at Joshua Liner Gallery (NY)

Opening this Thursday, February 27th (from 6-8pm) is “Palinopsia,” an inaugural New York solo exhibition by MMG artist, Julie Oppermann. Presented by Joshua Liner Gallery, the exhibition will feature several large-scale paintings and works on paper by the Berlin-based artist.

Says the gallery:

“The title of the exhibition refers to a visual phenomenon, which occurs when the image of an object seems to linger in the eyes even after the original object is absent—much like when looking directly into a light source and then looking away. However, Palinopsia is a much stronger visual occurrence – as the afterimage is more intense and lasts much longer. The artist’s background in neuroscience and study of color theory both support and stimulate the nature of the work she creates.”

The exhibition will remain on view through March 29, 2014. For additional information, please direct inquiries to Joshua Liner Gallery.


Andrew Schoultz in “Pow! Wow! Hawaii”

For the past five years, the Hawaiian city of Kakaako has hosted “Pow! Wow! Hawaii,” an annual art festival that brings together artists from around the world to create colorful murals on the buildings’ “boring beige walls.” According to the festival’s founder, Jasper Wong, the festival is about “beautifying a neighborhood, changing a neighborhood through art.”

This year, gallery artist Andrew Schoultz was invited to participate in the mural project along with 100 other artists in Honolulu for one week  – an all-encompassing project that included painting, art openings, and talks. This year, Pow! Wow! also produced the first curated show at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, titled Pow! Wow! Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement, which closed on February 15th.

We congratulate Andrew on the completion of his latest mural, and for being included in this exciting project.

Schoultz Mural

Cheryl Pope’s Performances at MCA Chicago

Interdisciplinary artist Cheryl Pope will be conducting a series of three performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, starting this February. As part of her ongoing “Just Yell” body of work, these performances explore how we grieve and remember the many Chicago youths who have lost their lives to gun violence. Says the museum:

“Her project, Silence the Silence, mourns them through a memorial parade and series of performances throughout the museum. Join in the music and dance as Pope collaborates with students from the Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) to produce this special event. These projects are presented as part of RISK: Empathy, Art, and Social Practice, a concurrent exhibition at Columbia College’s Glass Curtain Gallery.”

Her performances will take place on February 18 (“Silence the Silence”), March 25 (“Walk with Me”), and April 22 (“Bring in the Light”). All performances are free to attend with museum admission. For more information, please visit the museum page dedicated to these events.