Monthly Archives: August 2010

Jason Salavon Evalutes “Nature/Culture” in NY

Missed out on Jason Salavon‘s multiple summer group shows? Lucky for you, there’s a chance to catch him in New York at Castle Gallery‘s upcoming exhibition, “Nature/Culture,” organized by Katrina Rhein.

Opening September 12, 2010 from 2 – 4pm, the show will feature works by Jae Hi Ahn, Christopher Rose and twelve others that assess how “nature informs culture and culture impacts nature.”

For more information, click here!

MMG Goes Spielberg with Chad Person

Following yesterday’s Los Angeles Times’ review of “Surviving the End of Your World” – by Leah Ollman – MMG thought it timely to debut our inaugural gallery-produced documentary video, featuring Chad Person himself! Pontificating on everything from “The Mayor Rests” to “RECESS,” Person takes us behind the scenes and into his fortified bunker, rounding out the solo exhibition that Ollman dubbed “survivalism meets DIY craft.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the world premiere of MarkMooreGalleryTV (LA), featuring Chad Person.

Metadataphile: Say It Three Times Fast…

Curators Jennifer Frias and Lilia Lamas of the University of California, Riverside, are throwing down with technology. In their upcoming exhibition, “<Metadataphile>: The Collapse of Visual Information,” at California State University, Fullerton, Frias and Lamas evaluate our society’s preoccupation with data-centric communication and the subsequent miscommunication therein.

Opening August 28, 2010, “<Metadataphile>” will feature works by MMG’s Josh Azzarella, Jason Salavon and Kim Rugg – all of whom evaluate these central themes through distinct medium and content. For more information, sign up for the exhibition’s mailing list here!