Yoram Wolberger at Galerie Gmurzynska

Yoram Wolberger is part of the “20th Century Masters” exhibit, now on view at Galerie Gmurzynska. The exhibition runs through September 4th, and features works by iconic artists of 20th century America including David Smith, Louise Nevelson and Robert Indiana.

Galerie Gmurzinska, St Moritz-summer 2016

Galerie Gmurzinska – American Master Artistic work: Dan Basen – Ronnie Cutrone _ Robert Indiana _ Louise Nevelsen _ David Smith : Sylvester Stallone _ Tom Weselmann

Heidi Schwegler Acquired by Portland Art Museum

The gallery is thrilled to announce the acquisition of four works by Heidi Schwegler for the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum.

The Portland Art Museum is the leading cultural institution in the state and region.  Its hallmarks are innovation, excellence, and engaged community partnerships.  The Museum presents a relevant and dynamic program originating from its collections and Film Center.  With historically preserved and newly designed architectural space of the highest quality, the Museum invites, inspires, and fosters contemplation and discussion.  As a beacon for culture and education for our growing and evolving community, the Museum is known for its exceptional trustees, staff, programs, collections, and visitor amenities.

Heidi Schwegler (b. 1967 in San Antonio, TX) explores a wide range of materials in the service of her subject matter. She is drawn to the peripheral ruin, modifying discarded objects to give them a new sense of purpose. There is an equilibrium inherent in such things – they float between endurance and decay, a living death. Her numerous shows include exhibitions at the Co/Lab Art Fari (CA), Raid Projects, (CA), Platform China (Beijing), Scope Art 2004 (NY), and the Hallie Ford Museum (OR). Schwegler is a recent Ford Family Fellow, received a 2010 MacDowell Colony Fellowship and several RACC Individual Project Grants. Reviews of Schwegler’s work have appeared in Art in America, Daily Serving, ArtNews and the Huffington Post. She earned her MFA from the University of Oregon and is Chair of the MFA in Applied Craft + Design, a joint program of Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Separation Anxiety 02


Daniel Canogar at Lehmbruck Museum

Daniel Canogar is part of the exhibition From Rodin to de Bruyckere – The Surface as a Carrier of Meaning in Sculpture at Lehmbruck Museum in Germany.

2 July to 23 October, 2016

With works by Auguste Rodin, Medardo Rosso, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Constantin Brâncuși, Max Bill, Mary Vieira, Janet Cardiff/Georges Bures Miller, Daniel Canogar, Dorothee Golz, Rebecca Horn, Carsten Nicolai, Julian Opie, Georg Baselitz, Jeppe Hein, Elina Autio, Stella Hamberg, Evan Roth, Michael v. Kaler, Heike Weber, Berlinde de Bruyckere and others. 


Pneuma 4-2

Tim Bavington Acquired by Crocker Art Museum

The gallery is thrilled to announce the acquisition by Crocker Art Museum of Tim Bavington‘s work Study for “Blue Suede (#1)” (2012).

The first public art museum founded in the Western United States, the Crocker Art Museum was established in 1885 and is now one of the leading art museums in California. The Crocker serves as the primary regional resource for the study and appreciation of fine art. The Museum offers a diverse spectrum of special exhibitions and programs to complement its collections of Californian art, works on paper, European art, international ceramics, photography, Asian art, and African and Oceanic art. The Crocker Art Museum is the only museum in the Sacramento region accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), a recognition given to less than 800 of the nation’s 17,500 museums. AAM accreditation certifies that a museum operates according to standards set forth by the museum profession, manages its collections responsibly, and provides quality service to the public.

Music is the genesis of Tim Bavington’s paintings. Through synthetic polymer paint, Bavington acts as a translator between the aural and the visual as he transforms guitar solos, melodies and bass lines into vertical bands of color. Tracks from bands such as The Darkness, Oasis and The Rolling Stones become vibrant bands of color, and bridge compositional concepts between seemingly unlike disciplines. Although Bavington has a method that designates sound to color and composition, the paintings are not literal translations; they remain open to intuition and decision-making, allowing for a distinct artistic presence.


Heidi Schwegler in Lincoln Journal Star

Heidi Schwegler is highlighted in a review of the exhibition Uncommon Likeness, at Sheldon Art Museum. The articled is titled ,”Uncommon Likeness’ explores identity in one of best ever Sheldon exhibitions,” and is written by critic L. Kent Wolgamott.

Click here to read the article.


Jeffry Mitchell at the Sheldon Museum of Art

Jeffry Mitchell has a solo exhibition at Sheldon Museum of Art from July 22 through November 27, 2016. 

A cast of animal, plant, and human characters make regular appearances in Jeffry Mitchell’s ceramic works. They might be seen as stand-ins for the artist himself, or possibly as representing facets of Mitchell’s experience growing up gay in a working-class Catholic family.

The objects on view in Sheldon’s Focus Gallery come from a larger series by Mitchell of twenty-four works referencing the hours in a single day. The forms resemble those of intimate-scale dioramas or theatrical stages and are also reminiscent of medieval reliquaries.


Heidi Schwegler review in Oregon Arts Watch

Art critic Jennifer Rabin has written an in-depth review of Heidi Schwegler‘s exhibition at the Portland Biennial titled, “Portland2016: The cellular memory of place, Part One.”

Read the article here.

Click here for installation shots of Schwegler’s exhibition.