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Kiel Madness!

Kiel Johnson opened his solo show last Saturday (10/17) to a jam-packed gallery and a few lovely write-ups! Chris Stanton of Daily duJour noted the show in his “Seen” section, while Look Into My Owl noted Kiel’s individuality.

Johnson’s video documenting the production of his pin-hole camera, “The Twin-Lens Reflex” (directed by Theo Jemison) is darn-near 30,000 views today on Vimeo, and was featured in the gallery show. If you haven’t already, watch it now by clicking here!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Kiel’s new body of work – check out the complete collection of event photos on Mark Moore Gallery’s Facebook page, and tag yourself!


Twin Lens Reflex: Camera on Camera

Ever wonder what kind of madness unfolds in Kiel Johnson’s studio? Now you can watch – as the artist furiously builds his Twin Lens Reflex Camera….on camera….
Kiel's Video

Kiel Johnson’s Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera Time Lapse from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

“Publish or Perish” is Radar-Friendly

Kiel Johnson’s upcoming solo exhibition, “Publish or Perish,” is already on the radar of some LA art aficionados.

In addition to the Beautiful/Decay article by Sasha Lee, and Annie Owens’ contribution to Hi-Fructose Magazine, Shayna Nys Dambrot of Flavorpill weighed in on Kiel’s newest haps. Read her overview on Flavorpill LA, or via the image below.


Beautiful/Decay Goes “Behind the Scenes” with Kiel Johnson

Sasha Lee of Beautiful/Decay was all about the behind-the-scenes details of Kiel’s upcoming show, opening October 17th.

To catch a peek of Hyperbole Studio’s goings-on, check out B/D’s blog entry here!

Kiel Johnson in the studio

Hi-Fructose Touches Base with Kiel Johnson

Hi-Fructose Magazine chatted with Kiel Johnson about his upcoming solo exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery, and documented his “swan song for dying technology”on the publication’s blog.

They not only preview Johnson’s exhibition (opening October 17th, 2009), but also discuss his concept and statement for the show – which is refreshingly autobiographical. Check out the full length feature here.

Hi Fructose