LIVE from Hyperbole Studios, It’s Kiel Johnson…

Toiling away in a non-air-conditioned Los Angeles studio, Kiel Johnson is feverishly creating another one of his cardboard realities for the universe at large.

First up, Johnson and fellow artista Klai Brown created the “8-Bit Man,” a fully wearable cardboard robot get-up that Brown donned for an upcoming Toshiba commercial, which will air later this summer (stay tuned for the link)! Check out some of the behind-the-scenes images from the filming session below. Glistening man in loincloth not included with suit, sadly.

Simultaneously, Johnson has been fashioning a new series of 3-D goodies for his upcoming show at Davidson Contemporary (New York), which opens on September 23, 2010. If you’re in the area, start plugging this date into your iCal, as Johnson will be making the trek out to the Big Apple to be on hand for the reception. Check back for more of Johnson’s mad-scientist tendencies in the next few months; there’s never a dull moment around Hyperbole Studios.

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