Penelope Umbrico in Hyperallergic

Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico is featured in an article by Hyperallergic, “Mining Flickr for 1 Million Moons” by Claire Voon.

“The title Silvery Light refers directly to Umbrico’s gleaming subject, but it also alludes to the role of light in shaping our understanding of an image. A number of her works are collections of screenshots she took of images found through Flickr’s filter-by-color tool, presenting all pink and all blue moons. Another collection, “Screenshot 2015-11-24 / Dark as Light” (2015), where images are shown like specimens in thick-framed boxes, consists of screenshots of moons, whose colors she inverted, with each false moon easily passable as the real deal. These series raise questions over how faithful the images we encounter are to reality, not just due to post-production changes but also because of how technology and the screen define our experience of color.”

To read the article in it’s entirety click here.

For information about the artist or available works, please email


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