Stephanie Washburn at MCA Santa Barbara

Gallery artist Stephanie Washburn is part of Shift, Stretch, Expand: Everyday Transformations at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

MCASB Satellite @ Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara presents Shift, Stretch, Expand: Everyday Transformations, an exhibition of nine artists from Santa Barbara that explores the quiet and inconspicuous operations of everyday existence.

In our daily comings and goings, within and around us, things are in a constant state of transformation: water, currency, alliances, and surfaces, to name just a few. While passing through space or interacting with others, in every instance subtle shifts affect our experience. Whether obvious or understated, or even invisible, these occurrences alter the ways in which we perceive our realities. The exhibition, taking place throughout the interior and exterior spaces of MCASB’s satellite site, a boutique art hotel, presents artists who investigate these changes in vastly different ways. The artists focus on conditions of transformation, including points at which limits are questioned, thresholds are crossed, frames of reference are destabilized, and expectations are subverted.

The artists in the show are Phil Argent, Weslie Ching, Petra Cortright, George Legrady, Kyra Lehman, Rebekah Miles, Maria Rendón, Stephanie Washburn, and Russell Young

Curated by Brooke Kellaway, Associate Curator.




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