Penelope Umbrico at Zuckerman Museum (GA)

Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico has work in Zuckerman Museum‘s Forget Me not, on view through December 6th, 2015. The show was recently reviewed by Dan Weiskopf for Arts Atlanta, who highlighted Umbrico’s work by stating:

“The only conceptual organization in Penelope Umbrico’s Sunset Portraits (2010-ongoing) is one imposed by online search algorithms. She has filled a massive grid with photos found by searching Flickr for keywords involving sunsets. Viewed from a distance it is impressive, a pointillistic mirage dotted with the shadowy outlines of anonymous heads. Up close, there is an initial impulse to find something distinctive in each, but as one image after another goes by this is replaced by tedium and a mild distaste for our obsession with the specialness of our own experiences. Past this feeling, though, lies the truth that Umbrico’s images don’t exist for us voyeurs, but for their makers. For all its light, the piece is a reminder that peeking into others’ memories is a chilly enterprise.”

Click here to read the interview in its’ entirety.

To learn more about the exhibition click here.


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