Christopher Russell at LACMA (CA)

Gallery artist Christopher Russell is currently featured in “Lens Work: Celebrating LACMA’s Experimental Photography at 50,” a group exhibition on Level 3 of the Hammer Building. Says the museum:

Photography was founded on and developed as a result of experimentation: it is a technology-based practice rife with inherent uncertainties, despite its reputation for reliably documenting reality. This installation celebrates the curatorial drive informing over 50 years of collecting at LACMA, which embraces experimentation in photography.

From works by the medium’s earliest practitioners to those by contemporary artists, LACMA’s collection is rich in innovative examples of what is often referred to as “the magic of photography.” As lenses evolve and choices of final output increase, photographic practice will no doubt continue to inspire new ways of perceiving, seeing, and believing.

The gallery congratulates Christopher on his inclusion in this exhibition, as well as the museum’s permanent collection. “Lens Work” remains on view through July 4, 2015.

For more information about the artist or available works, please email

Fingerprint #3

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