Penelope Umbrico’s Top Photo Book of 2014

As debuted this week during Art Basel Miami Beach with the Aperture Foundation, Penelope Umbrico’s newest book, “Range,” was chosen by a-n online as one of the “Top 10 Photo Books of 2014.” Says the website:

Injecting a shot of energy into a selection of canonical photographers’ images of mountains – ‘the oldest subject and most immovable landmark’ – Penelope Umbrico rephotographs them using smartphone camera apps to disorienting effect. An explosion of colour and abstraction born of errors in grain, pixels and screen resolution all play their part to recaliberate our relationship with the analogue history of photography amidst the current digital onslaught. What we get is a fresh study of the authored versus the anonymous, the original and the copy, the fixed and transitory. This is collective pictorial memory skewed for the Internet age.

Photographs from this body of work are currently on view with Mark Moore Gallery at Miami Project through December 7th, in Booth #203. For additional information about the artist, or inquiries about available works, please email


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