MMG is Best Design’s #1 Destination for Art & Culture

The gallery is proud to announce its selection by Best Design’s Guides as the #1 destination for Art & Culture in Los Angeles. Along with LA Louver, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Subliminal Projects, the gallery was shortlisted as a site for “where, when and what to do on one of the hottest cities on the planet, Los Angeles, the City of Angeles.” Says BD’s writer:

Mark Moore Gallery always brings the exact perfect blend of serious and experimental culture, avant-garde visuals and back-patio bartending. An opening reception there is the sort of evening you think of when you grab your friends and get a little dressed up for an archetypal art-world gathering in perfect, well-heeled bohemian style.

Thanks to Best Design for the wonderful designation during our 30th Anniversary year. Grab your boho heels for our first opening of 2015 on Thursday, January 8th (7-9pm) when we open concurrent solo exhibitions by Ryan Wallace and Meghan Smythe. For information about upcoming exhibitions, or available works, please email



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