Penelope Umbrico in San Diego

On the occasion of Aperture’s sixtieth anniversary in 2012, a select group of contemporary photographers responded to Aperture publications that had been influential in forming their work, paying them artistic homage. Artists were commissioned to create a new work inspired by the ideas that they had found most influential or of greatest concern in the earlier work. One such artist was MMG’s Penelope Umbrico – whose work is included in “Aperture Remix,” a traveling exhibition currently on view at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego (CA).

Featured artists and who/what they are remixing include:

Rinko Kawauchi – Sally Mann
Vik Muniz – Edward Weston
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs – Aperture essay books
Martin Parr – Aperture magazine issue 103
Doug Rickard – Stephen Shore
Viviane Sassen – Edward Weston
Alec Soth – Robert Adams
Penelope Umbrico – Masters of Photography series
James Welling – Paul Strand

The exhibition was organized by the Aperture Foundation, New York, and curated by Lesley A. Martin. The show remains on view through October 5, 2014. For information about available works from this series, please email



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