Jason Salavon Acquired by Crocker Art Museum

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce the acquisition of “The Smith & Jones Checkerboard” – a work by interdisciplinary artist, Jason Salavon – by the Crocker Art Museum (CA) for its permanent collection.

Salavon uses software processes of his own design to generate and reconfigure masses of communal material to present new perspectives on the familiar. Though formally varied, his projects frequently manipulate the roles of individual elements derived from diverse visual populations. This often unearths unexpected patterns in the relationship between the part and the whole, the individual and the group. Reflecting a natural attraction to popular culture and the day-to-day, his work regularly incorporates the use of common references and source material. Often, the final compositions are exhibited as art objects – such as photographic prints and video installations – while others exist in a real-time software context.

We congratulate Jason on this accolade! For inquiries regarding available work or information about the artist, please send an email to info@markmooregallery.com.


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