Jason Salavon Selected for Microsoft Residency

The gallery is very proud to announce program artist Jason Salavon‘s selection by Mircosoft’s Artist-in-Residency Program. Taking place August, 2014-March, 2015, the residency will primarily take place in the Microsoft campus’ new gallery space called Studio 99 – which presents art that melds data, creative coding, and leading-edge technology. Says the program:

The program offers an opportunity to work in a thrilling environment with cutting edge technology and world-class technologists to explore the connection between art, science, and engineering. A typical residency will last between three and six months. The artist will have an office and studio space in Microsoft Research’s building in Redmond, WA. Studio 99 (Microsoft Research’s art committee) will help connect the artist to collaborative partners across Microsoft’s research and product groups.

“We feel the artistic process bears a strong kinship to research processes,'” says Asta Roseway, principal research designer. “By introducing a venue for art, we encourage creativity in research, as well as synergies and cross-pollination between the arts and science. The arts offer a way to think differently and challenge assumptions, both of which are critical for a successful research organization.”

Jason will work on an array of new projects, with the intention of debuting new work from the program in his solo exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery in November of 2015. Stay tuned for more information – and we congratulate Jason on this major milestone!


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