Cheryl Pope to Participate in Fountainhead Residency

The gallery is proud to announce Cheryl Pope‘s selection by the Fountainhead Residency for this Winter, 2014. Located in Miami (FL), the Fountainhead Residency is a family owned and operated institution. Says the organization’s mission statement:

The Fountainhead Residency was founded by collectors Dan and Kathryn Mikesell in early 2008.  Later in 2008, they opened The Fountainhead Studios, which now provides over 41 Miami-based artists with affordable, flexible studio space.  In 2012, they opened The Fountainhead Haus, which provides 5 Miami based artists unique working and collaborative space.

The Fountainhead Residency was founded with five goals; to provide artists an opportunity to find new inspiration (a fountainhead), to introduce visiting artists to Miami’s art community and it’s many supporters, to infuse Miami with artistic inspiration from around the world, enable our art institutions to realize more ambitious shows, and finally to provide our family an opportunity to become more intimately integrated in the world of artists and art.  

The Fountainhead is proud to support our museums, including The Bass Museum, The Frost at FIU, MOCA and PAMM as well as alternative art spaces like Locust Projects, Dimensions Variable and Bas Fisher Invitational.

We congratulate Cheryl on this incredible opportunity.


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