Kiel Johnson at Torrance Art Museum

Gallery artist Kiel Johnson will have work included in the Torrance Art Museum‘s upcoming group exhibition, “WATCHMEN – Surveillance and The Flaneur.” Curated by Max Presneill, Lisa DeSmidt and Chris Reynolds, the exhibition “examines the relationship between the notion of the Flaneur and the City derive under the pressure of being watched via CCTV cameras and monitoring. How does one engage with the disinterested observations of the wandering eye when self-consciousness about being both the observer and the observed interfere with the experience?”

Additional artists in the exhibition include: Shagha Ariannia, Lindsay Bottos, Sergio Bromberg, Tyler Calkin, Sophie Calle, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Zavier Ellis, Darren Hostetter, Susan Logoreci, Alexis Milne, MAP: Mobile Arts Platform, Mark Nelson, Dane Picard and Kari Reardon, with Special Opening Screenings by Vito Acconci, Jenny Holzer and Sterling Ruby.

The show opens this Saturday, June 7th, from 6-8pm, and will remain on view through July 26th, 2014.


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