MMG Hiring Part Time, Remote Employee

The gallery is looking to hire a part time, remote employee for the position of “Remote Registrar.” This position requires that the employee be present in the gallery on Saturdays only, and work on select projects from home on his/her own timetable – as guided by the Director. A full job description is below:


Remote Registrar
Position Overview (Part Time)

Must be physically present in gallery Saturday, 11am-6pm (or possibly 8pm, as required by opening receptions every 4-6 weeks) positioned in Director’s office side desk. Log hours from home into shared GoogleDoc as required by projects from remote location or home during the week.

Remote Tasks:
• Produce Statements catalogues with interviews, and correspond with artists to procure images, information, and text related to book.
• Write selected press releases for upcoming exhibitions.
Onsite Tasks (Saturdays Only):
• Update LinkedIn and new contacts as required by supervising staff
• Occasionally write blog posts as asked by supervising staff
• Update, replace, and re-format artist bios on server and website as needed
• Format new press articles and links, place on server and website
• Update artist pages on website accordingly with new press, collections acquisitions, or exhibitions/images
• Maintain and update Artsy, Artnet inventory online
Required Skills:
• Excellent verbal and written communications
• Graphic Design experience: preferably Photoshop and InDesign
• Ability to self-manage deadlines, routine inventory checks, etc.
Beneficial Skills:
• Familiarity with ArtBase, Artsy inventory systems, and WordPress

Compensation follows the guidelines for part time employees, and is managed/logged by the employee under the supervision of the Director. No benefits shall apply to this position.

Interested candidates may send resumes to:


Subject: “Remote Registrar Position.”

No phone calls, please.


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