Kiel Johnson’s Summercamp ProjectProject

Gallery artist Kiel Johnson will be featured in the “Guestroom” for Summercamp ProjectProject’s upcoming exhibition, “Luddite Fallacy.” Also featuring Kristy Baltezore, John Burtal , Ichiro Irie & Randall Foster, Laura Krafft, Justin Michell, Tom Norris, and Nicola Vruwink, the exhibition will open Sunday August 25th, 5-8PM.

Says the press release:

And as a compliment to Luddite Fallacy, Kiel Johnson will be featured in Guestroom. Johnson’s series of drawings use the everyday to pollinate a larger vocabulary of abstract images. The latest bodies of work have begun as an investigation into common objects that are bold enough to come forward. Any conversation, odd discovery or chance occurrence could become fuel for a drawing. Johnson dissects everyday objects to better appreciate and manipulate their nature: to discover and pictorially reveal the profound in the quirky behavior of familiar objects.
The exhibition will remain on view through September 8th, 2013.

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