MMG to Participate in Texas Contemporary Art Fair


The gallery is honored to be included in this year’s Texas Contemporary Art Fair, which takes place October 10-13th at the George R. Brown Convention Center (Houston, TX). Featuring new works by Clayton Brothers, Joshua Dildine, David Klamen, Julie Oppermann, Kim Rugg, Christopher Russell, Ali Smith, Penelope Umbrico, and Yoram Wolberger, the gallery booth will be a survey of new artists to the program, and those with upcoming solo exhibitions in 2014 or 2015.

Additionally, the gallery will present “Wishy Washy” (2006) by Clayton Brothers in a public area installation. Previously exhibited at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (WI), Pasadena Art Museum (CA), and Art Basel Miami Beach (FL), “Wishy Washy” is the ultimate culmination of sociopolitical pastiche and folkloric narrative that multidisciplinary artist duo Clayton Brothers are most heralded for.

For more information about special events or details leading up to the fair, please contact

2 responses to “MMG to Participate in Texas Contemporary Art Fair

  1. date says 2011?



  2. Good eye! Fixed – thank you!


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