The Worldly Adventures of Kiel Johnson and TED

It all started with a conference in Palm Springs in February. Once people found out about his frenetic cardboard cityscapes and boundless energy, gallery artist Kiel Johnson has been invited to trot the globe with TED ever since. Johnson invited conference visitors to paint, build, glue, and light various incarnations of an ever-evolving metropolis – as documented by Theo Jemison’s mini documentary on Vimeo – and as a result, the artist has been invited to stage derivations of his project all around the world with the “Ideas worth spreading” crew.

Following Johnson’s introductory experience at TED Palm Springs, he produced projects for conferences in Santa Monica, USC, and Dubai – where he was also a featured speaker. On September 1, Johnson will orchestrate yet another version of the crafty municipality in Christchurch, New Zealand as part of TED’s “UnContained” event. Lucky for us, Kiel has diligently documented all of his TED travels – summarized for you here in blog photo album format.

Catch Kiel on a TED journey near you! Or at least on the video podcast…

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