“Home for Hobo” Deemed “Perfect Exposure”

In Artillery Magazine‘s fourth annual “LA Issue,” four of the publication’s top critics were charged with the task of summarizing the highs and lows of the past 2009-2010 art season. Each writer was to select one show to be the titleholder for the categories of “Overexposed,” “Underexposed” and “Perfect Exposure,” the latter of the three being the coveted position.

James Scarborough – as this post’s title will suggest – awarded Allison Schulnik‘s “Home for Hobo” as his “Perfect Exposure” exhibition for the previous season. Says the critic:

“Allison Schulnik’s show at Mark Moore Gallery was primal, raw and refreshing. Her work suggests an abecedarian plunge down a rabbit hole toward an aesthetic Ground Zero, emerging conceptually uncluttered at figuration and narrative from a Lascaux-ean cave. Her fertile gobs of paint trump irony, pastiche and virtuality with humanism filtered through a videographer’s eye for kinetic staging.”

Pick up a copy of the current issue to see Scarborough’s other list picks, and stick it up on your fridge for good measure.

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