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SLIDE SHOW: Penelope Umbrico at LMAKprojects


Mark Moore Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico presents her second solo exhibit with LMAKprojects in New York, now on view.

“Slide Show” features 136 Mini Film Cameras in the Smithsonian Institution History of Photography Collection With Old Style Photoshop Filter, a vitrine containing the photographs Umbrico made during her Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship. Though once revolutionary tools, in their current state these cameras are inanimate and obsolete. Carefully tagged and archived, Umbrico’s archival pigment prints, with “Old Style” Photoshop filter appear as faded cameras entombed within the vitrine.

In dialogue with these photographs, Umbrico presents “Mountains, Moving – Slide Show,” a work from her ongoing project “Mountains, Moving.” Here, she looks to the mountain as a subject of stability in relation to the present instability of photography.

Umbrico’s “Slide Show” concentrates on a singular mountain photographed by Ansel Adams (whose intention it was to make his negatives and prints available to his students to learn by). By processing this mountain though the 526 filters of 27 smart-phone camera apps she uses, Umbrico constructs a synthetic time-lapse: everything changes, but the ghostly apparition of the mountain remains.

The exhibition runs until October 20th, 2013 at:


139 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002
212 255 9707 (p)
212 255 9708 (f)