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Ben Weiner’s Abstractions Travel to St. Louis

As of Friday, May 20th, Ben Weiner‘s video work entitled¬†Na + (aq) + C5H8NO – (aq) NaC5H8NO4(s) can be found in Bruno David Gallery‘s New Media Room. Representing his¬†most recent form of photographic exploration, the piece utilizes stop motion technique to combine thousands of photographs into a swirling, coalescing landscape of lavish texture that is mysteriously familiar, transcendent, and disorienting all at the same time. Depicting¬†magnifications of synthetic materials, the resulting terrain fuses object, subject, and medium in an exploration of beauty, surface, abstraction, and consumer/art object duality.

The exhibition will run though July 2 in all of its opulent glory. Visit the exhibition’s website for more information.