Special Preview of Todd Hebert: This Way, That Way, Up, and Down | Artsy

Special Preview of Todd Hebert: This Way, That Way, Up, and Down  

An Exclusive Artsy Online Exhibition Opening November 16th

VIEW THIS WORK NOW AT: https://bit.ly/3h3z43w

Todd Hebert is known for his playful use of scale and focus in paintings and works on paper that depict objects within distilled outdoor settings. “This Way, That Way, Up, and Down” finds Hebert continuing his unique synthesis of still life and landscape traditions, as well as ushering in a new material direction for his work.

While Hebert has always employed a variety of materials in his works on paper, the illusionistic effects in his paintings have been achieved largely through the use of an airbrush. In recent years, he has turned to a more traditional method for developing the indistinctness and depth associated with his work: he applies brushy layers of paint over rough surfaces of hemp, jute, or linen canvas. The resulting interplay of color, shape, and texture characterizes the work in the show. 

Those acquainted with Hebert’s work will notice familiar imagery throughout the exhibition. But instead of finding his subjects displayed before identifiable scenery, viewers will discover them set within monochromatic fields that seem at once vast, and very close. 

The icebergs, snowmen, and plastic water bottles that populate the works are realistically rendered, yet they attain an abstract quality due to disparities in their scale and spatial position. In one work, an out-sized water bottle appears leaden, anchored to the bottom of a blue expanse. In another, a diminished iceberg hovers weightless atop a white plane. In compositions such as these, Hebert presents a world where figurative distinctions like heaviness and lightness; surface and depth; mundanity and monumentality; are suspended, primed for reconsideration. 

For additional information, please contact: info@markmoorefineart.com

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