DANIEL CANOGAR Debuts “Bifurcation” at the Noor Riyadh Light & Art Festival

Multi-laser projection
Noor Riyadh Light & Art Festival, Riyadh

View this work now at the following link: https://vimeo.com/536803456

Daniel Canogar new work, “Bifurcation” consists in electric-like bolts of light that zigzag up and down the Zebra Building. Connected to the internet, Bifurcation reacts in real time to thunderstorms happening around the globe. The algorithm created by the artist’s studio uses real-time data from a storm- tracking webpage. Some of the data that is interpreted includes the location of the storm, if the lightning bolts are vertical or horizontal, positive or negative, and the amperes of the lightning strike. All this information is processed to create a generative animation that constantly changes and never repeats itself.

The artwork metaphorically becomes a conduit for the planet’s energy, as well as a translator of human versus natural forms of power.

Check out the new ARTSY VIEWING ROOM focused on artist Daniel Canogar’s amazing new work: https://bit.ly/3u46gZX

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