Previewed: Heidi Schwegler: Recent Work – An Exclusive ARTSY Online Exhibition

Mark Moore Fine Art is proud to present the first ARTSY online exclusive exhibition of work by artist HEIDI SCHWEGLER. In this exhibition of recent work, we examine the artist’s examination of the lives of objects and the transference of memory. This show opens to the public on Thursday.


Heidi Schwegler (b. 1967 in San Antonio, TX) explores a wide range of materials in the service of her subject matter. She is drawn to the peripheral ruin, modifying discarded objects to give them a new sense of purpose. There is an equilibrium inherent in such things – they float between endurance and decay, a living death. In this exclusive ARTSY online exhibition, we survey the recent work of this fascinating artist. 

Schwegler’s numerous shows include exhibitions at the Co/Lab Art Fari (CA), Raid Projects, (CA), Platform China (Beijing), Scope Art 2004 (NY), and the Hallie Ford Museum (OR). Schwegler is a recent Ford Family Fellow, received a 2010 MacDowell Colony Fellowship and several RACC Individual Project Grants. Reviews of Schwegler’s work have appeared in Art in America, Daily Serving, ArtNews and the Huffington Post. She earned her MFA from the University of Oregon and is Chair of the MFA in Applied Craft + Design, a joint program of Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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