“OUT OF CONTEXT” ARTSY Online Group Exhibition Ends Tuesday!


Mark Bennett, Homes of The Pritchetts (Modern Family), 2019

Lithograph on Rives BFK paper / Edition of 20 / 29 × 40 in

OUT OF CONTEXT – A Mark Moore Fine Art Exclusive ARTSY Online Group Exhibition on view now at: http://bit.ly/2YyOcb7

“There are things that I’m constantly looking at that I feel should be elevated to greater status, almost to philosophical status or to a religious status. That’s why taking things out of context is a useful tool to an artist. It’s the concept of taking something that’s not subject matter and making it subject matter.”

—Ed Ruscha

In “Out of Context” we look at seven contemporary artists that have made the incorporation of text and language a cornerstone for their art – both conceptually and visually. Each artist approaches the subject from his or her own unique perspective. Artists featured are: Ed Ruscha; Mark Bennett; Kim Rugg; Vernon Fisher; Kay Rosen; Feodor Voronov; Kara Maria, and Ken Craft.


Ed Ruscha, Untitled (Blank Sign), 1989 / Lithograph on grey Rives BFK paper / Edition of 20 / 27 × 36 in

Texts—writings, readings, signs, titles, guides, catalogues, blog posts like this one—are part and parcel of how art is presented in museums. Curious visitors come hungry for enlightening information, for tidbits to connect the dots or stories that humanize the work on view. Art historians act as writers, readers, and investigators whose success can be measured in published output. For those who work with art and appreciate it, language and art are endlessly intertwined.

It is out of this convergence of Pop Art and Conceptual Art from the Sixties that artists like Ed Ruscha and Vernon Fisher were born and influenced generation of artists to follow, like Mark Bennett; Kim Rugg; Kay Rosen; Feodor Voronov; Kara Maria, and Ken Craft. From this collision of pop culture and high art, we find that some of the most interesting art and ideas born of this period are nothing more than our own lives taken Out of Context.

For more information: http://www.markmoorefineart.com

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