Opening Friday: IN BLOOM (AGAIN) 2019 – An Exclusive ARTSY Online Group Exhibition


Image: Andy Warhol

Opening Friday: IN BLOOM (AGAIN) – An Exclusive ARTSY Online Group Exhibition. View this show now at:

This exhibition includes works by: Andy Warhol; Ben Charles Weiner; Kenichi Yokono; Allison Schulnik; Julie Heffernan; Amy Elkins; Sebastiaan Bremer; David Klamen; Kim Rugg; Okay Mountain; Jeffry Mitchell; Joshua Dildine; Jimi Gleason; Dirk Staschke; Robert Standish; Kris Kuksi; Yoram Wolberger; Zemer Peled; Meghan Smythe; Kara Maria; and, Ken Craft.

This exhibition marks the third incarnation of “In Bloom” for Mark Moore Fine Art and the first ARTSY online exclusive exhibition from this series. Mark Moore Gallery proudly presents “In Bloom (Again)”, a group show featuring work by twenty artists from around the globe. 


Image: Allison Schulnik

Webster’s dictionary not only defines “Bloom” to refer to “the period of flowering”, but also “the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor” or, “(of fire, color, or light) become radiant and glowing”. Bloom – as it turns out – for such a simple word, has many different meanings an interpretations.

As the current “blooming” nature of art and commerce has facilitated industry-wide conversations about the evolving role of artists, galleries, museums, art fairs, and the Internet, Andy Warhol’s philosophies appear more topical and relevant than ever before. Using his iconic “Flowers” painting from 1964 as the foundation for this show, we assembled twenty artists we have worked with over the last 35 years to present “In Bloom (Again)”.

“In Bloom (Again)” uncovers a through-line between artists with disparate practices and preoccupations, prompting a larger “art world” dialogue that is truly Warholian and is blossoming with possibilities.

For more information on these artists, go to:

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