Don’t Miss: Amy Elkins “Black is the Day, Black is the Night” + “Parting Words” at Vita Arts Center


AMY ELKINS acclaimed exhibitions titled Black is the Day, Black is the Night and Parting Words will be opening at Vita Arts Center on March 30th.

Black is the Day, Black is the Night & Parting Words
Vita Arts Center | Ventura, CA
March 30th- April 20th, 2019
Reception March 30th

In “Black is the Day, Black is the Night”, a project that spanned seven years from 2009-2016, Amy Elkins explores how the notion of passing time can affect an individual’s psychology, sense of self, and perception of reality.

Check out her Exclusive Online Exhibition on ARTSY for more more images and information on this award-winning Series of works at:

Awards and Praise for BITDBITN include:  Lightwork Residency, Latitude Residency, Aperture Portfolio Prize, Diane Merek Visiting Artist Series and more.  BITDBITN (book) shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards and the MACK First Book Awards and Winner of the Lucie Independent Book Prize.  Work from BITDBITN in permanent collections at The High Museum, Lightwork and Aperture Foundation.  BITDBITN (book) is in collections at SFMoMA Research Library, The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Special Collections at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The HAAS Arts Special Collections Yale University and many more.

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