LSU Museum of Art acquires major painting by MMFA artist JULIE HEFFERNAN


Julie Heffernan, When the Water Rises (Collection of the LSU Museum of Art)

I wanted to share with you the good news that the LSU Museum of Art recently acquired the major diptych entitled Camp Bedlam by MMFA artist JULIE HEFFERNAN.  It is the focal point of her current traveling show “When the Water Rises,” and we are all very pleased that they purchased this amazing painting for their permanent collection.

Contemporary artist Julie Heffernan’s recent paintings explore imaginative scenarios and alternative habitats as her personal response to the threat of environmental disasters. Intricately wrought, her monumental canvases evoke the fantastical allegories of Hieronymus Bosch and the sublime vistas of Thomas Cole and Albert Bierstadt. A former professor of painting at Penn State, Heffernan spells out the dilemma of climate change, but also begins the conversation about how we might adapt to vastly different climatic conditions. Organized by the LSU Museum of Art at the Shaw Center for the Arts.

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