ART TALK: A Conversation With Meghan Smythe

MMFA has just posted a new “Art Talk” video interview with Meghan Smythe on the Mark Moore Fine Art YouTube Channel for your reference. The video was shot in her studio last month and shows a number of new work and works in progress in addition to those in our current ARTSY exhibition. This short and insightful chat with the artist can be view today at the following link:

In addition, Mark Moore Fine Art is very pleased to present an exclusive ARTSY online exhibition of award-winning sculptor Meghan Smythe titled “Recent Work”, which has been extended through this Sunday, October 21, 2018.


This exhibition can be viewed now at the following link:

Using a traditional sculptural format (the monument), Meghan Smythe captures contradicting extremes within human gesture: intimacy and brutality, beauty and ugliness, or the lewd and tender. In her attempt to achieve an “elegant vulgarity,” she encapsulates moments that define our mortality in unanticipated ways; oftentimes toeing the delicate line between erotic and macabre tendencies that give way to life, and ultimately death. Glass, ceramic, and concrete are woven together in an elaborate, orgy-like web of body parts and organic artifacts, as if suddenly cast with Pompeii-like circumstances. Like excavated antiquities or fossils, Smythe’s ceramic compositions allude to the cyclical nature of civilization – a dramedy in which all of the players are subject to conquest and demise.

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